Phillipa Winter

Chief Technologist - Health & Social Care

Phillipa’s deep knowledge of the Health and Social Care sector comes from years of experience in previous roles within the NHS. She’s committed to leveraging technology to enhance healthcare delivery and plays a key role in driving digital transformation in the sector.

About Phillipa

Phillipa's deep knowledge of health and social care is informed by her previous roles within the NHS. She’s worked as an Occupational Therapist, a Therapy Manager, a Chief Clinical Informatics Officer, and Chief Informatics Officer/Director of Digital. She’s also previously been a member of the Klas Research International Advisory Board and is currently Deputy Chair for the TechUK Health and Social Care Council, alongside her role as Chief Technologist for Health and Social Care at CDW.  

Phillipa's passion for patient care and her ability to bring about significant changes has led to a distinguished career with many notable achievements. She was recognised as Chief Information Officer of the Year at the Digital Health Awards 2018 for bringing about significant changes in the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, she was instrumental in implementing a large-scale transformation that improved patient care and user satisfaction in her role as Chief Informatics Officer at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, and Phillipa successfully deployed a virtual desktop infrastructure and ‘The Art of the Impossible’ with single sign-on to over 3,500 desktops. 

At CDW, Phillipa leverages her extensive experience to bridge the gap between the provider and supplier world. She’s a strong advocate for collaboration with the clinical workforce and empowering clinicians to co-design the future of NHS technology. Phillipa is committed to leveraging technology to enhance healthcare delivery and plays a key role in driving digital transformation in the sector.  

  • 16+ Years Industry Experience

  • Top 100 Influencer

  • 20+ Technical Certificates

"The Health and Social Care industry is so important because it touches all of us and our families in our lifetimes." 

Phillipa Winter


What is Health & Social Care Digital Transformation and why does it matter?  

This sector is hugely important because it touches all of us in our lifetime and affects our families. Digital transformation across health and social care helps to improve their outcomes, assist in streamlining services, promote better health and well-being, and work towards the prevention of ill health.  

What is the biggest trend in your Health & Social Care in 2024?  

The biggest trend is in keeping the foundations of care stable through a refresh of basic foundational infrastructure. Other big topics for this year are electronic patient records, clinical mobility, data extraction to support wellbeing, and AI. 

How do you keep up to date with the industry?   

There are many avenues I use to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments. Speaking to others in the industry at networking events, and reading the latest articles and insights offer a good idea of what’s happening. Other good resources are TechUK, Digital Health Network, NHS England, and the Kings Fund. 


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