How Do You Protect Users Connecting From Outside The Corporate Network?

In the past, desktops and critical business infrastructure were all stored behind the firewall. Today, due to the rise of mobile working, there are more roaming users and corporate-owned devices accessing the internet from outside the corporate network. In addition, more cloud apps mean that users may not be using the corporate VPN to get work done, and more branch offices are connecting directly to the internet.

Introducing Cisco Umbrella

Umbrella protects any device on the network and roaming users wherever they go. As a Secure Internet Gateway, Cisco Umbrella provides the first line of defence against targeted threats on the internet wherever users go.

With its global infrastructure that handles over 100 billion internet requests a day, the Cisco Umbrella security engine has the intelligence to detect where attacks are being staged even before the first attack is about to take place.

Why CDW?

CDW and Cisco’s partnership spans nearly a decade. Our unrivalled expertise in transforming the data centre and practical working knowledge of complementary technologies sees us well-placed to help our customers realise the true potential of digital-ready infrastructures powered by Cisco.

As a multi-award winning Tier 1 Cisco Gold Partner, CDW is fully equipped to help orchestrate and deliver whole-scale strategic security solutions that meet the needs of every organisation.

Our dedicated team of IT Security experts have the knowledge to work with you in designing the most effective solution to help you manage and mitigate risk.

Our exceptional global capabilities and unrivalled reach means that we also have the ability to deploy Cisco solutions and entire architectures on an international scale.

  • Cisco Lifecycle Services

    At CDW, we have integrated the deepest level of Cisco Lifecycle Services expertise into our offerings. Using our adoption services with our customer success managers, we can return measurably high levels of customer satisfaction, helping organisations to capitalise on the value of their investment using the finest Cisco technology.

  • Expert Knowledge

    A Cisco Gold Certified Partner, we've achieved the highest level of credibility and the broadest range of expertise across Cisco's four architectures. From sales experts to solutions architects and pre-sales consultants to support staff, CDW invests heavily in the expertise of our people. You get the benefit of Specialist Cisco technical support.

  • Software Enterprise Agreements

    As Cisco transition to a software organisation, we are moving with them on that journey. Building on our knowledge of different partners' enterprise agreements (EA), CDW has proved a valuable resource in educating Cisco of the benefits of these agreements. We have worked with numerous customers to assess the Cisco Software estate and to look at how to consolidate licences using an EA, helping to reduce administration overheads. We have all EA specialisations, so regardless of your needs, our solutions architects can help.

CDW And Cisco Webex Summary

Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco Webex Teams provides a complete set of tools that enables you to connect anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Webex Teams enhances the benefits of Webex Meetings, so your teams can stay engaged and continue to innovate.
Cisco Smart Accounts & Licensing Summary

Cisco SMART Accounts & Licensing

SMART Accounts allow you to manage licenses across multiple locations by creating virtual accounts, which removes the common problem around utilisation and lets you know what is being used and where.
CDW And Cisco Mobility Solutions Summary

Cisco Mobility Solutions

Mobile technology is important to your organisation’s digital transformation. You need a mobility solution that meets your current business requirements and has the flexibility to meet changing market and organisational demands.
CDW And Cisco Network Architecture Summary

Cisco Digital Network Architecture

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) is a software-driven network architecture that enables your organisation's digital transformation without adding cost or complexity.

Protect any device on the network and roaming users

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