Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Belonging. It matters.

Belonging is a basic human need. When coworkers freely and respectfully bring their authentic selves and unique perspectives to work, we all become better - better collaborators, bolder innovators, and stronger drivers of business results. CDW is committed to creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion, where everyone feels they belong.

CDW’s strategy for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our strategy is about cultivating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion to drive better collaboration, innovation and business results. We’re taking steps to nurture belonging in ways that are meaningful and sustainable. We strive to realise outcomes that create a culture of belonging for everyone.

Outcomes we're committed to:

  • Authenticity

    Ensure every coworker has an ongoing positive experience at CDW while being his/her/their authentic self.

  • Voice

    Create an environment where every coworker has a voice, feels valued, and is part of the team.

  • Priority

    Show DEI is a priority and an essential part of CDW's DNA.

  • Representation

    Build world-class talent while ensuring we have diverse representation and perspectives that drive growth and innovation.

Business Resource Groups (BRGS)

At the heart of our strength in diversity, equity, and inclusion are our Business Resource Groups (BRGs). Our BRGs bring coworkers together around topics that matter. More than networking, BRGs empower coworkers to make an impact on CDW's culture and beyond. Each one has a pivotal part in promoting inclusion and belonging while providing professional development, informal mentoring, and networking opportunities to its members. The core drivers of the BRGs are to:



Provide an additional connection and place of support to existing and new coworkers



Foster a strong internal community



Strengthen CDW’s stance on pertinent issues and topics



Cultivate equality and support the inclusion and advancement of all individuals



Create impactful partnerships to support the external education of individuals



Promote the resource group brand, maintaining transparency and openness to the inclusion of all

Bcn Web

Black Coworker Network (BCN)

BCN provides a platform for coworkers to connect, advancing a culture of belonging, equity and allyship; actively having an awareness of how to enrich and promote race equality and diversity in our community.

We strive to create a diverse working environment where opportunity and progress exists for everyone. We can achieve so much more if we feel connected, included and valued.

Pride Plus Web


Our mission is to build an inclusive working world, accepting and welcoming our PRIDE+ community, whilst providing a safe space for all coworkers. We intend to create an open discourse by bringing diverse voices to the table to share lived experiences and points of views, enhancing the feeling of belonging and psychological safety within the community.

Overall Love and Equality Wins!

Win Web

Women's International Network (WIN)

WIN is an open platform for ALL coworkers that places a strong emphasis on building a diverse, inclusive and thriving culture for women coworkers and their allies.

We are committed to creating a working environment that empowers women in their progression both personally and professionally, while promoting and valuing collaboration, inspiration, community and inclusive leadership.

Afn Web

Armed Forces Network (AFN)

AFN promotes, recognises, and celebrates the unique experiences and transferable skills that veterans bring into CDW. Our mission is to build a network that supports the ongoing transition needs from Armed Forces and wider community into corporate roles, for CDW’s collective success.

AFN is a welcoming group for all coworkers with an aim to educate and raise awareness of the differing experiences our veterans have lived and ensure that opportunities are visible for all new and current veterans within CDW.

Able Web (2)


Able is on a mission to inspire and encourage coworkers to come forward and celebrate our differences. To show how adversity can become a superpower and to educate coworkers on the experiences lived through visible and hidden disabilities.

We cultivate an environment of inclusion and acceptance at CDW, where people feel comfortable disclosing a disability and empowered to overcome any barriers they may face. To enable everyone to be the best version of themselves whilst at work.

Through compassion, empathy, and open mindedness, we can make a difference.

Thrive Web


Thrive aims to empower, inspire, and equip every coworker with the opportunities and resources needed to prioritise their wellbeing. We are dedicated to cultivating a workplace culture that recognises and values the importance of physical and mental health, fostering an environment where individuals feel supported in their pursuit of overall wellness.

By championing initiatives that promote wellbeing, we strive to create a workplace where each coworker can thrive both personally and professionally.

CDW Employer Recognition

Our coworkers are at the core of CDW. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a welcoming, supportive, diverse, and equitable environment.

2023 Computerworld 770X460

Computerworld Names CDW to 2023 List of Best Places to Work in IT

CDW recognised by Foundry's Computerworld as a 2023 Best Places to Work in IT. CDW is No. 9 among large organisations on the Best Places to Work in IT list.
CDW Forbes 2022

CDW Named to World’s Best Employers List for 2022

CDW selected by Forbes for its 2022 list of World's Best Employers. The annual ranking is based on independent surveys from employees in countries around the globe.
2022 A Fgb Forbes Women 770X450

CDW Celebrated Among Best Companies for Women

Forbes named CDW to its recent World’s Top Female-Friendly Companies list while Fairygodboss highlighted CDW as part of its annual Best Companies for Women list.