CDW Professional Services Composition

IT services can help you tackle various day-to-day challenges, such as increasing profitability and efficiency, while allowing you to free up your internal resources to focus more on core projects. However, not all companies are fully equipped with the necessary resources or have access to the technical experience and support that they need. CDW provides professional IT services that can solve your unique challenges and help you capitalise on new business opportunities. 

CDW’s Professional Services has 5 core components, each component plays a key role to ensure that we provide our clients with exceptional outcomes.

How We Can Help You

Our Expert Teams can help you with a range of professional services

Infrastructure Professionals Sum

Hybrid Platform Services

We provide you with, cost predictability, data sovereignty and legacy workload support of on premises data centres combined with rapid provisioning, incredible scalability and consumption economics of public cloud.
Network Security Officer Sum

Networking & Security Services

The Networking and Security team delivers cutting-edge services and solutions. They are market leaders in Networking, Security, Wireless, Access, or Endpoint Control.
Secure Modern Workspace Sum

Modern Workspace Services

Create efficient, collaborative, and secure digital workspaces that enhance productivity and user experiences.
Cloud Service Professional Sum

Cloud Services

With our cloud professional services, you can unlock new levels of agility, flexibility, and innovation, empowering you to thrive in today's digital-first landscape.
IT Engineer Sum

IT Engineering Services

IT engineering services are tailored to fit each client's unique requirements, ensuring seamless integration, increased efficiency, and sustained success in their IT endeavours.
IT Consultant Summary

Integrated Technical Consultancy

Our Integrated Technical Consultancy team is here to remove complexities, provide you with immense value and support throughout the entire journey.
Project Services Summary

Project Management

Project Management services designed to assist you in successfully planning, executing, and managing your technology projects.
Transition Management Summary

Service Transition

Ensure any changes or newly implemented IT services are introduced smoothly, with minimal disruption to your existing IT environment and business operations.

“We aim to exceed the expectations of our customers, becoming their trusted advisor and services partner of choice.”

Our Approach

  • Initiate

    Confirm project scope and implementation approach.

  • Design

    Discovery and Design workshops

  • Implement

    Built, configured, and system-tested solution. This stage includes testing, service transition and migration and deployment.

  • Review

    Assess project, capture and deliver lessons learned.

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CDW provides IT services that can solve your unique challenges and help you capitalise on new business opportunities. Complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch to kick start your technology transformation.