We appreciate that you need more than just the latest technology. That's why we do more and work with exceptional partners such as Dell Technologies to find the right solutions to suit your organisation. From mobility to cloud to security and beyond, we can configure your IT to meet your specific needs.

Dell Technologies and CDW share the fundamental belief that change opens the door to new possibilities. At the core of this belief are a number of shared values, that demonstrate the mutual understanding that forms the basis of our partnership.

  • Dedicated Dell specialists and resources

  • Advanced PoC and demo facilities

  • Comprehensive Dell Certified Services Portfolio

  • Dell Titanium Black and award-winning partner


From sales experts to solutions architects and pre-sales consultants to support staff, CDW invests heavily in the expertise of our people so that our customers can focus on running their businesses, not on managing their IT. With this commitment, we are proud to hold all core Dell competencies to provide a comprehensive level of service. We have also earned a number of service competencies, to provide our customers with deployment and configuration options across the portfolio, including VxRail, Unity XT and Isilon.



  • Entire Dell portfolio delivered through its whole lifecycle
  • Sourcing, deploying and supporting Dell products made easy
  • Dell innovation complements the CDW technology ecosystem



  • With locations across the world, we can deliver Dell Technologies solutions to over 80 countries in multiple currencies
  • We are experts in IT supply logistics: from our 30,000 sq. ft UK configuration centre, we can configure, image, asset tag, upgrade, quality control and pre-order for future rollout



  • Advanced demonstration capabilities: try out a host of different Dell EMC technologies in our advanced proof-of-concept laboratories
  • Comprehensive Dell Certified Services Portfolio
  • CDW's Titanium Black status gives us privileged access to Dell's expertise and products
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We prepare users for digital change by understanding the value of mobility and leveraging Dell Technologies innovation with CDW advanced services to provide perhaps the most reliable client devices in the world. Our ambition is to make the workspace anywhere you want it to be, giving users the freedom and agility to stay productive, whilst ensuring that this never comes at the expense of security.

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Dell Technologies, the number one provider of enterprise data centre systems, is matched with our broad scale and rich heritage in infrastructure. At CDW, we have the experience and expertise to help organisations build cloud environments that are agile, manageable and future-focused.

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Here at CDW, we have the experience, partnerships, and resources needed to create a bespoke solution to your problems. Read our case studies to see how we’ve helped other customers. 
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CDW has invested in building comprehensive demonstration facilities to offer deep dive sessions and hands-on experiences with the latest technologies. The facilities also include Proof of Concept (PoC) options so you can trial new technologies to help make the right decisions. Discover which Dell Technologies solutions are available in our PoC labs here.

With locations across the world and a 120,000 sq. ft National Distribution Centre, we are experts in the logistics of IT supply. From our 30,000 sq. ft configuration centre, we can also configure, image, asset tag, upgrade, quality control, pre-order and stock for future rollout.


Dell Technologies is a unique family of businesses that provides the essential infrastructure for organisations to build their digital future, transform IT and protect their most value asset – data. Together, Dell Technologies and CDW orchestrate solutions to empower businesses through digital, IT, security and workforce transformation – from the edge to the core to the cloud.

We're proud to hold all core Dell competencies to provide a comprehensive level of service. We have also earned a number of service competencies, to provide our customers with deployment and configuration options across the portfolio, including VxRail, Unity XT and Isilon.

CDW is Dell’s largest global partner and a fortune 500 company with a 36 year track record. 

  • The right technology for the right solution

    Why pay for what you don't need? When you choose CDW and Dell you have access to incredible value and choice that means you're able to tackle any challenge. And not just the challenges of today, but those that emerge in your future.

  • The scale to handle anything

    We may be based in the UK but our reach crosses borders. We have locations across the globe and are able to deliver Cisco solutions to over 170 countries in multiple currencies. From our 30,000 square foot UK configuration centre we're able to configure, image, asset tag, upgrade, quality control, and pre-order for future rollout - the kind of service that can only be delivered by experts in IT supply logistics like CDW.

Dell Technologies Vxrail Powered By Vmware Vsan Summary

Dell Technologies VxRail powered by VMware vSAN

Dell EMC’s VxRail appliance powered by VMware vSAN, is the first and only fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested HCI appliance built to provide the most seamless VMware experience.
Dell Financial Services Summary

Dell Financial Services

Dell Financial Services (DFS) delivers innovative payment solutions for hardware, software and services, allowing your organisation to align and scale the cost of IT solutions with technology consumption and budget availability.

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As one of one only a few UK partners to have achieved Dell EMC’s coveted Titanium Black status, CDW has privileged access to Dell EMC expertise and products. Combined with CDW’s know-how in logistics of IT supply, our joint proposition holds industry-leading international capabilities to help your organisation prepare for the future by embarking on your journey to digital transformation. Complete the form and one of our Dell Solution Specialists will be in touch.