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CDW International

Partnering with CDW for your international needs helps you reach your goals and reduce the risk, complexity and cost that come with procuring, deploying and integrating technology. By combining local knowledge with years of experience in multinational logistics, we deliver consistent, service-driven solutions across the globe - while making international IT management simple.

Your IT Passport To Over 170 Countries

Mariendahl Housenewland Summary


CDW provides trained experts with real-world African experience, delivering consistent pricing and service levels, all through a trusted point of contact, to help you take advantage of Africa's booming markets.

CDW Sydney

Asia Pacific

Our offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sydney are in key regional business hubs, providing on-site and remote IT Support to local offices and data centres. This allows our customers to focus on the business opportunities that lay ahead across Asia Pacific.

CDW Kurla Complex in India


Opportunities for your business development are abundant in the Indian market - but the IT Services required to support your team as they pursue these goals tend to be far less accessible. We fill that gap with our expertise and solutions.

CDW Ireland Head Office


CDW works closely with customers to ensure that their IT spend is fully accountable – performance, security and total cost of ownership are all transparently managed by some of Ireland’s leading technology experts.

CDW Office in Middle East

Middle East

We help our customers remove any IT challenge they may be facing. CDW Middle East was set up to offer global technology solutions and the highest levels of service, with the benefit of local knowledge and experience.

CDW Head Office Summary

North America

CDW connects with customers from 30+ local branch offices located throughout the United States. In addition, we have two North American distribution centres strategically located for the fastest possible service.

CDW Canada


CDW Canada is a leading provider of technology solutions for business, government, education and healthcare. Ranked the No. 1 solution provider in Canada on the Computer Dealer News Top 100 Solution Providers list.

Why Customers Choose CDW

CDW reduces the risk, cost, and complexity of procuring, deploying, and integrating technology across the globe.

  • Risk Management

    Manage risk through CDW's dedicated teams. Leverage our expertise in tax, compliance, international logistics, and local business laws and regulations.

  • Reduce Cost and Complexity

    Through our global partner alliances, scale, and expertise, CDW brings simplicity and cost-reduction to your supply chain management.

  • Local Knowledge

    CDW has built a network of international hubs able to service clients around the globe and abide with local business procurement, billing, laws, and regulations.

  • Logistics Expertise

    With expertise in trade compliance, logistics, and tax, CDW has created a mature international supply chain to assist customers in the deployment of technology internationally.

  • Service-Driven Solutions

    CDW delivers consistent levels of service, including the hardware, software, and service solutions similar to your home region, so you can efficiently and effectively manage IT from remote locations.

The CDW Difference

Fostering innovation in diverse, mobile, and distributed workforces across the globe.

CDW’s IT solutions and IT services for customers are designed to deliver business-based outcomes. Our unique approach to IT integration and our proprietary services are created to make your business more efficient.

We offer end-to-end capabilities spanning solution design, consultancy, project management, logistics, and support services. We operate on a truly international scale, which enables us to offer complete orchestration of integrated technology solutions across the globe.

  • Global Scale

    We ship in excess of 3.5 million items annually to over 170 countries worldwide. Alongside our ability to deliver to over 170 countries globally, we have in-region teams to support in-time zone activities. Our capabilities and teams work with yours, freeing up or augmenting your resources to focus on business value engagements.

  • Unrivalled Partnerships

    To complement this our Partners are investing in the CDW Enterprise team, so once we understand your strategy we can engage with them to drive the best business outcomes, whether these be industry leading or emerging vendors driving real transformation within your organisation.

  • Ecommerce

    Designed to meet the needs of our customers, ServiceTrack is CDW's customer information and procurement portal. You can enable self-service for procurement staff, minimise touchpoints, order efficiently, streamline processes, and maintain compliance.

Ensuring Success Through Strategic Partnerships

For over 30 years, we have established strong relationships with industry-leading brands and carefully selected emerging technology providers to deliver solutions that drive value for customers around the globe.

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