Is your organisation looking to deliver public cloud-like experiences to IT consumers but with simpler management and lower CAPEX budgets? 

IT departments are increasingly having to compete with the expectations set by public cloud by delivering services more quickly, reliably and at a lower cost. At the same time, security, budgetary and operational constraints can seem like barriers to meeting this challenge. 

Why CDW for Software-Defined Data Centre?

SDDC platforms simplify the technology stack and enable secure, controlled, self-service consumption of IT resources by those who need it, when they need it, where they need it. This frees up IT staff from managing and provisioning IT infrastructure so that they support the organisation by helping teams use IT effectively to create value. 

We have deep expertise in designing, delivering and supporting SDDC solutions and can use this to give you the right mix of technologies and services to meet your needs. 

  • Add speed and reliability to your data centre with automation

  • Add scalability and agility to your data storage

  • Improve data management and increase visibility

  • Boost security with multitenancy


We have built strategic partnerships with industry-leading technology partners to deliver you with market-leading solutions and services.




Our experts are here to deliver data centre modernisation solutions that meet your exact requirements.

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Data Centre Modernisation

We can deliver you a modern data centre that's agile, cloud-like and designed for your services.
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Infrastructure Automation

Automation and orchestration solutions from CDW take away the pain of infrastructure provisioning and management and allow the creation of a cloud operating model.
Cloud Integration Summary

Cloud Integration

Modern, cloud-integrated data centre solutions from CDW lower your costs, simplify your infrastructure and enable you to deliver a better service to your organisation. By enabling true cloud integration, we can help you build a multi-cloud architecture that can support all application and data requirements.
Data Protection & Management Summary

Data Protection

Your data is one of your most important assets. Make sure it's safe, secure and available, with our data protection and management solutions.
Cloud Platform Summary

Cloud Design

Don't wait for an assessment to complete – get started with a low cost, well-designed public cloud platform that complements your existing systems so your organisation is ready to deliver with cloud quickly, securely and cost-effectively.
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By providing flexibility and professionalism, ServiceWorks allows you to optimise your core IT costs, without compromising availability or performance.
Cloud Infrastructure Services CDW

Infrastructure Services

Asses your on-premises data centres and existing cloud positioning with CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure - develop and build future-proof architecture that remains scalable and agile.

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We have deep expertise in designing, delivering and supporting Software-Defined Data Centre solutions and can use this to give you the right mix of technologies and services to meet your needs. Complete the form and one of our experts will be in touch.