Data Protection & Management

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

If data is lost or stolen, most organisations suffer greatly. Whether from an IT failure or a security breach, the impact of losing data can be severe, but so too can the impact of your data being unavailable. At the same time, making sure you are storing only what you need and doing so efficiently will save you time and money, as well as reduce risk. 

CDW’s range of data management solutions includes discovery, backup, replication, archival, governance, and reporting, and can cover both on-premises and public-cloud services. By assessing and understanding your requirements and current estate, CDW can deliver and manage a solution that gives you the peace of mind when it comes to the safety of one of your most valuable assets. 

How CDW Helps You Protect & Manage Your Data

Data centre managers face the challenge of needing a budget-friendly storage capacity with flexibility for future workloads as well as analytics, security, compliance, and business continuity. A hybrid platform solution provides an innovative approach to meet these demands. 

  • The Right Strategy

    From server virtualisation to developing a software-defined data centre (SDDC), CDW can help decide which backup and recovery strategy is right for your business.

  • Tailored Solutions

    CDW’s storage and data migration services offer professional assistance custom-tailored to fit your organisation’s unique data infrastructure. 

  • Implement

    Our experts can help you assess your situation and design a plan of action to fit your organisational needs.

Customer Success

CDW data protection solution enables Stockport NHS Foundation Trust to overcome backup and disaster recovery concerns.

"We had worked with CDW previously and it had always provided an excellent level of service. What we had always liked was the fact there was a consistency of contact - you work with the same team all the way through a project." Peter Hughes, Head of IT at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust.

Specialist Partners

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  • Commvault

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  • Veeam

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Our experts are here to deliver hybrid platform solutions that meet your exact requirements.

CDW Data Centre Modernisation Summary

Data Centre Modernisation

We can deliver you a modern data centre that's agile, cloud-like and designed for your services.
CDW Infrastructure Automation Summary

Infrastructure Automation

Automation and orchestration solutions from CDW take away the pain of infrastructure provisioning and management and allow the creation of a cloud operating model.
CDW Cloud Interation Summary

Cloud Integration

Modern, cloud-integrated data centre solutions from CDW lower your costs, simplify your infrastructure and enable you to deliver a better service to your organisation. By enabling true cloud integration, we can help you build a multi-cloud architecture that can support all application and data requirements.
CDW Software Defined Data Summary

Software-Defined Data Centre

CDW has deep expertise in designing, delivering and supporting Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) solutions to give you the right mix of technologies and services to meet your needs.
CDW Cloud Design Summary

Cloud Design

Don't wait for an assessment to complete – get started with a low cost, well-designed public cloud platform that complements your existing systems so your organisation is ready to deliver with cloud quickly, securely and cost-effectively.
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By providing flexibility and professionalism, ServiceWorks allows you to optimise your core IT costs, without compromising availability or performance.
CDW Infrastructure Services Summary

Infrastructure Services

Assess your on-premises data centres and existing cloud positioning with CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure - develop and build future-proof architecture that remains scalable and agile.

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