Mobility is the New Normal to Meet Worker Expectations

To stay competitive, companies need to have a modern, reliable communication platform in place, which supports business goals while allowing workers to get more done in more places. But limited resources or skill sets, aging infrastructure, or complicated security policies can make it difficult to modernise your digital communications.

CDW Amplified™ Workspace starts you where you are. Whether you have migrated to the cloud, need to keep communications on-premises, or want to leverage a hybrid solution, our experts can design solutions that keep you connected and secure.

Cloud Environments Can Help Deliver Mobility, But How Can You Deliver the Cloud?

Hyperconverged and cloud environments offer organisations agility and enhanced scalability but migrating unified communications to the cloud can be a huge undertaking. Building and expanding networks brings additional challenges in security and cost management. CDW Amplified™ Workspace helps you along your mobility and cloud journey, bringing operational efficiency and increased performance to a communication platform designed to grow with you.

Solving the Challenge of Constant Connectivity

With limited resources or skill sets, how can you keep your enterprise communications up and running?

CDW Amplified™ Workspace remotely supports your communications platforms and automates tasks to help keep everything going. Our certified experts can manage monitoring, hardware maintenance, software upgrades, incident management, configuration, and more. We can also oversee reporting for all your voice, video, conferencing, messaging and contact centre solutions to ensure your digital workspace is always-on and your internal teams can focus on solving business challenges collaboratively.

Adoption and Change Management Services

In the modern workplace, employees need to be able to work from anywhere, accessing the tools they need to get work done, regardless of their location. Deploying Microsoft 365 is an easy decision – it is the world's richest suite of applications, designed to support the agile needs of all organisations while empowering productivity, communication, and collaboration – but how do you know that your users will seamlessly change their ways of working and use the functionality within M365, with no disruption to BAU, while ensuring your business sees the benefits of your investment in the technology stack?

CDW Security Services Summary

Security Services

Conduct CDW Amplified™ Security assessments, ensure resilience, prevent data breaches, and protect your network.
CDW Infrastructure Services Summary

Infrastructure Services

Assess your on-premises data centres and existing cloud positioning with CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure - develop and build future-proof architecture that remains scalable and agile.
CDW Support Services Summary (1)

Support Services

CDW Amplified™ Support services deliver custom warranty, maintenance, and support services that augment your IT staff so they can focus on maximising business outcomes.
CDW Eprocurement Summary

eProcurement Services

eProcurement Services simplify and ensure compliance with your purchasing processes.

Ready to Amplify your Organisation’s Workspace Capabilities?

With full-stack expertise, CDW helps you design, implement, and manage technologies that drive business success.

If you would like more details about how CDW Amplified™ Workspace can improve the efficiency of your organisation through mobility, enable constant connectivity, or improve collaboration, complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch to kick start your workspace transformation.