Bridge the Gap to DevOps

CDW's agnostic expertise bridges the gap between developers and IT teams. Covering the complete spectrum from CI/CD pipelines, containerisation and serverless environments through to automated and orchestrated on-premises and public cloud platforms, we focus on helping organisations make the most of technology to deliver value. 

Teams have always been in tension, whether it's developers frustrated at the speed of delivery of the infrastructure they need and the restrictions placed upon them, or IT administrators struggling to control and secure the explosion of deployments whilst keeping the lights on.  


Outcomes Your Teams Desire

Developers need familiar tools, on-demand services, and simplicity of deployment in order to be able to deliver value to the organisation quickly and efficiently. We can provide the continuous pipeline and continuous delivery (CI/CD) frameworks, automated service provisioning and seamless platforms needed so that developers are empowered to be as productive as they can be in the ways that work for them. 

For the IT team, ensuring that what developers build is scalable, available, and secure can be difficult when faced with a myriad of tools and languages. We can help turn your existing systems into secure, automated platforms that developers can use on their terms but within the bounds you set. 

CDW Bridges The Gap To DevOps

CDW’s comprehensive partner and infrastructure portfolio and DevOps services team bridge any gaps that may exist between development and operations.

  • Infrastructure as Code

    Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a foundational pillar of DevOps that allows you to better serve business initiatives. By managing infrastructure through code and software development techniques, IaC allows for custom scripts that can automate provisioning, security and more.

    IaC offers huge business advantages, but it can be a challenge to design, implement and then fully equip your teams with IaC knowledge and create a culture of information sharing throughout your organisation. Our DevOps team provides complete training to shore up knowledge gaps and ensure your team has all the tools to become successful with IaC.  

  • Containerisation and App Modernisation

    Application modernisation takes legacy apps into an agile development process and makes them cloud-ready. To do so, containers allow your business to virtualise applications, breaking them into individual pieces that can be delivered and patched faster than ever before.

    But modernising legacy applications can be a huge undertaking as you change existing IT practices, technologies and tools. CDW consultants can help you choose the most efficient containerisation solution for your business, create an agile development environment, and eliminate unnecessary hardware costs.  

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

    Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) refers to the integration of development teams and day-to-day data centre operations. CI/CD involves breaking down organisational silos so that your teams can work together to deploy code as fast as possible without interrupting business operations. CDW can help you develop a culture of collaboration for total CI/CD. From collaboration tools to code repository solutions to building a development pipeline, our experts are here to support seamless cooperation across your organisation. 

  • Cloud Governance & Control

    A cloud-native approach to DevOps can deliver instant business insights and control costs by making it easy to monitor consumption and usage rates. But the best cloud tools allow you to be infrastructure agnostic.

    No matter what platform you’re on – AWS, Azure and more – CDW can provide you with industry-leading tools that help you manage public, private or multi-clouds and govern permissions on each platform.  

  • Security

    Cloud-native application security – even down to the container level – is critical to keeping your business up and running. But as you evolve your cloud platform and DevOps strategy, it can become complicated to find security solutions that meet the unique requirements of your infrastructure. CDW has years of experience in implementing industry-leading cloud and container security solutions from major partners. Keep security simple while ensuring that your applications are not using compromised repositories and that code is updated, bug-free and can keep customer and corporate data safe. 

    Give your developers the tools and services they need to create value for your organisation without sacrificing the governance, spend-control and security you require. 

  • Monitoring and AI Operations

    Monitoring of applications and infrastructure is a huge business advantage of DevOps. CDW offers granular solutions that can monitor applications down to the container level, allowing your company to make quicker decisions.

    CDW can also help you automate applications to meet organisational needs faster, as well as create applications that perform tasks consistently and eliminate inefficiencies in environment spinup and IT silos. Together, monitoring, automation and advanced AI solutions offer quick, powerful analytics that drive better business decision-making.

Alliance Partners

CDW’s DevOps team partners with local, national and global organisations to help bridge the gap between IT and business groups. Our experts bring their years of experience to every assessment, consultation and engagement, and have a deep knowledge of the evolving tools and processes that drive DevOps success.

Specialist Partners

  • Ansible

  • AWS

  • AWS Codestar

  • Azure Devops

  • Chef

  • Fortinet

  • Google

  • Jenkins

  • Kubernites

  • Palo Alto

  • Puppet

  • Red Hat

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