IT Asset Management

What is ITAM?

IT Asset Management (ITAM) enables organisations to manage their IT assets on an ongoing basis. It enables businesses to establish controls, gain visibility into their environment, optimise costs, and maintain license compliance.

ITAM joins the financial, inventory, contractual, and risk management responsibilities to manage the overall lifecycle of these assets, including tactical and strategic decision making.

ITAM encompasses Hardware Asset Management (HAM), Software Asset Management (SAM), and Software as a Service (SaaS) management.

IT Asset Management Solutions

CDW’s ITAM team offers a range of solutions tailored to fit your organisation’s specific needs.


Project-Based Engagement

These engagements provide visibility into your licence position for a specific publisher or set of publishers. Assessing real data, rather than relying on estimates, shows your decision-makers where the organisation stands and builds a business case for implementing ITAM.


Maturity Assessment

Maturity assessments are designed to review your IT Asset Management policies, procedures and tools, and provide you with a detailed outline of potential areas of risk for your business.


Ongoing ITAM Solutions

If you want to ensure consistent visibility into your IT assets, CDW can work with you to provide long-term guidance and customised ITAM support services to drive improvement throughout your ITAM journey.

The Pillars of ITAM Success

CDW’s holistic approach to ITAM ensures that you can maximise the use of your IT investments and make sure that they are implemented and used seamlessly within your organisation. CDW’s comprehensive services address four core components alongside continuous improvement to ensure a successful ITAM practice

  • People

  • Processes

  • Technology

  • Communication

The CDW Difference

With CDW organisations benefit from external agnostic expertise to review and set out clear business-based targets. By introducing consistent and accountable processes and performance metrics across internal teams and cost centres, you enable your organisation to work to the same business goals. 

Our experts work with you to establish:

  • Your expectations of project delivery and goals from tools, projects, and transformations
  • Your ongoing measurement of business-as-usual (BAU) delivery and success
  • Business value delivered from services.
  • Trusted Provider

    CDW is a leading solutions provider. This is underpinned by CDW holding many of the highest attainable partner accreditations for the top tier partners.

  • Value

    CDW has access to the most comprehensive sales, technical, and lifecycle services training, and vendor resources. CDW has capabilities to architect, implement, and support complex environments which truly meet your business requirements.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    CDW’s solutions use leading-edge industry input combined with experienced account management and consultancy to identify strengths and develop targeted plans to serve your needs.

CDW Enterprise Service Management Summary

Enterprise Service Management

With a collaborative approach get your whole organisation working together to the same goals and metrics, enabling your business to achieve sustainable success and return on investment.
CDW IT Service Management Summary

IT Service Management

CDW's ITSM solution encompasses a range of tools, processes, and best practices designed to align your IT services with business objectives and improve overall IT efficiency.
CDW Robotic Process Automation Summary

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or Intelligent Automation (IA) is sophistication software designed to deliver cost efficient solutions to job roles and/or processes.

Empower your Business

A proactive ITAM strategy that manages the overall lifecycle of your IT assets can empower your business.

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