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Whether using our ServiceTrack portal directly or via integration with purchasing or marketplace systems, CDW has the solution to meet your needs, reduce manual tasks, improve efficiency, and gain greater visibility of your procurement activities.


By implementing an eProcurement solution, you can streamline your procurement processes, improve visibility, ensure compliance, and better manage your suppliers, resulting in significant cost savings and increased efficiency.

Eprocurement Services


CDW's customer information and procurement portal; a single point of access for your organisation and their interaction with CDW.
Eprocurement Integration

eProcurement Integration

CDW can integrate with your procurement system to make it easier and more cost effective for you to choose is for all of your IT needs.
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Consolidate suppliers, secure competitive commercial rates and improve operational efficiency with CDW's Procurement Solutions.
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Supply Chain

An efficient supply chain will ensure your IT teams return maximum value to your business. We ship in excess of 3.5 million items annually to over 170 countries worldwide.
CDW international logistics operations

International Logistics

Managing international logistics is a complex business. CDW is experienced in supplying and supporting expanding organisations and established multinationals.
CDW National Distribution Centre

Payment Solutions

Payment solutions and equipment leasing lets you acquire the latest hardware, software, and support licences at a manageable cost while remaining flexible as your technology needs grow over time.
UK National Distribution Centre

National Distribution Centre

CDW's National Distribution Centre provides you with supply chain flexibility and responsiveness, ensuring you keep running efficiently and cost-effectively.
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Relieve your IT team from setting up new equipment, for greater operational efficiency internally.
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If you're responsible for selecting, configuring, deploying, supporting, maintaining, recycling or upgrading devices, Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) can make your job much easier.