Networking And Connectivity

Access to data for both users and applications is vital for the operation of any organisation. From BYOD to IoT devices, from the corporate LAN to the home worker, and from the data centre to the cloud, connectivity is now fundamental and also more challenging than ever to deliver.

The once easy-to-define physical boundary of a network has also changed, and is now as far-reaching as the places people choose to connect from. Maintaining performance, availability, and security needs a different approach.

Connectivity Service Types


Wide Area Network (WAN)

A WAN connects multiple sites to create your organisation’s own virtual secure private network. A WAN is made up of connections to all of the locations from which your business operates. It can also include centralised options like secure Internet breakout and managed firewall.


Internet Access

Fast, reliable internet access is a crucial requirement for most businesses, so CDW offers business grade connectivity delivered over private ethernet circuits. Peering arrangements with multiple carriers and IP transit providers ensure that your internet traffic is always routed using the optimal path.



Not all businesses require a full WAN solution; some are just looking for a fast, reliable LAN-like link between two locations. This is an ideal option for connecting buildings located in the same town or business park, although nationwide coverage is also available if a link is required over a greater distance.

Connectivity Features

CDW can provide a range of solutions to mitigate the causes of a connectivity outage. This could be something as simple as a backup Broadband circuit that can kick in with a reduced speed if the primary fibre should fail. At the other end of the scale we can offer diverse fibre links from two separate carriers, taking different routes into your site and terminating on separate hardware. 

  • Managed Routers

    All of our WAN and Internet Access services are delivered with managed routers on the customers site. CDW will configure, deliver and install a device with each access circuit when it is commissioned and then proactively monitor for hardware or circuit faults during the life of the service.

  • Firewall & Security

    All of our WAN and Internet Access customer benefit from basic firewall protection from within our network. If required, this can be upgraded to a dedicated virtual or physical firewall allowing for full customisation of networking rules and security policies.

  • Virtual Service Networks

    A CDW WAN can be used to replace multiple legacy physical circuits, delivering separate services, such as a private network, Internet access and direct cloud access, over a common physical access network.

  • Flexible WAN Architecture

    WAN customers can choose a Hub-and-Spoke design, where all branch sites communicate with a central hub, or an Any-to-Any design, where every site is connected to every other. They can mix both options for different types of sites or even enable Internet VPN to allow external sites to gain access.

Connectivity Solutions

CDW's agnostic expertise and breadth of solutions lets us to focus on your requirements, delivering the right products, services and ongoing care to allow you to meet the demands of your users.

CDW Data Centre Summary

Data Centre LAN

Your data centre LAN should connect your data, applications and users together, with visibility, security and performance built-in. Find out how to build an automated, scalable, service-centric network that’s cost-effective and easy to manage with CDW's expertise and solutions.
CDW Edge Network Summary

Edge Network

Modern edge networks are no longer a physically secure environment used only by staff on trusted devices. From third-party wireless users to IoT sensors, the demands for on-premises access have exploded. CDW can help you connect people and devices to the resources they need, securely, seamlessly and cost-effectively.
CDW SD Wan Summary


CDW works with customers to understand their current and aspirational WAN capabilities and capacity, helping them to select the right solutions to deliver flexible, resilient and high-performance connectivity.
CDW Wireless Lan Summary

Wireless LAN

CDW partners with a wide range of vendors and can advise on the best options for providing an optimised connectivity experience whilst retaining security and control. We work with customers to deliver benefits to their business and to help them differentiate themselves within the market.

Our Approach To Connectivity

CDW provides an independent approach to the connectivity market which allows customers freedom of choice by not being constrained by a single network or technology. 

  • Flexible Service Options

    CDW delivers a comprehensive and flexible offering, enabling customers to mix and match access technologies and services types according to their specific needs. 

  • Wider Coverage

    No single carrier offers 100% geographic coverage. By working with all the top networks, we use the best from each to ensure the best available connectivity wherever you are. 

  • Competitive Pricing

    Like an insurance broker who knows the market, we work closely with the network providers and leverage our position to secure the best value for your business 

  • Professional Support

    We pride ourselves on offering a service superior to that experienced by going direct to the network providers. Most carriers are good at managing their networks but not always so focused on looking after end customers. 

"Entrusting CDW with management of our infrastructure has enabled us to better explore the ways in which IT can serve as an enabler."


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