Edge Network

Explosive Connectivity Demands

Modern edge networks are no longer a physically secure environment used only by staff on trusted devices. From third-party wireless users to IoT sensors, the demands for on-premises access have exploded.

These connectivity demands for both wired and wireless access are because nearly every user now carries multiple devices, buildings are increasingly digital and almost every piece of equipment is now connected over IP networks.

Intelligent Edge Networks

You can no longer always apply security at the device due to mixed device ownership, different user types, and embedded systems. But they all require fast, reliable, and secure links to the services that power your organisation.

To meet these demands, today's edge networks must be built to understand the users, devices, and applications they serve with integrated management and monitoring tools. With this, the right access, bandwidth, and security policies can be intelligently applied to each connection and data flow, changing requirements can be quickly and easily accommodated, and issues can be resolved quickly and easily.

How We Can Help You

Whether via a traditional static LAN or a fully software-defined identity-based access network, we help customers to design and implement integrated networking solutions to support their organisations, and ensure that they have the proper management and controls in place to both operate and monitor these solutions.

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We work with a wide portfolio of partners to give access to the best solutions to meet your security, performance and resiliency requirements.

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Our experts are here to deliver connectivity solutions that meet your exact requirements.

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