Jaro Digital Enablement CDW Summary

Jaro Tomik

An expert in Digital Enablement; Jaro helps customers leverage technology to navigate their challenges. Jaro’s ultimate goal is to make the world a better place by utilising technology to help us enjoy our work and personal life.
Greg Van Der Gaast Security Advisor CDW Summary

Greg Van Der Gaast

As a teenager with a notorious reputation as a hacker, Greg was deemed one of the world’s Top 5 Most Infamous Hackers and one of the FBI’s Most Wanted. This early experience has resulted in a distinguished 25-year career as an expert in cyber security. Greg is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, and leading voice on the security pillar at CDW.
Kyle Davis Head Of OCTO Summary

Kyle Davies

A skilled leader and passionate architect; Kyle can assess, plan, and design across the complete technology stack. As Head of the Office of the CTO, Kyle is accountable for the CDW UK opinion and voice from the Integrated Technology Solutions business unit.
Tim Russell Headshot 2

Tim Russell

An expert in the Modern Workplace sector; Tim helps customers recognise how vital it is to adapt and pivot to the latest technology, giving them a picture of what the future could look like and how they can prepare for it.
Phillipa Winter Health Social Care Summary

Phillipa Winter

Phillipa’s deep knowledge of the Health and Social Care sector comes from years of experience in previous roles within the NHS. She’s committed to leveraging technology to enhance healthcare delivery and plays a key role in driving digital transformation in the sector.
Rob Sims Hybrid Platforms Summary

Rob Sims

A career spanning more than two decades has seen Rob craft his technical ability with a focus on business outcomes. He enjoys helping customers see the possibilities available to their business and unlocking their potential.