Checkout Transformation

One of the most evolved processes within retail experiences is payments. eCommerce has set a new standard for the checkout process, leaving retailers with no choice but to embrace digital and payment transformation. 

The benefit of digitally transforming the checkout goes beyond convenience for the customer. In the midst of a worker shortage, it could also be the key to making employees more engaged and satisfied. By removing complexity from the checkout, retailers are able to focus solely on what they do best: serving customers.

70 %

of consumers are only willing to wait 15 minutes for an item or service.

60 %

Annual employee turnover for retail workers is around 60%.

18 tn

Digital wallets account for $18tn in global consumer spending.

Why Modernise The Checkout?

After a widespread shift to eCommerce, customers will no longer tolerate long checkout queues, and many will abandon their items if they cannot pay instantly, even deterring them from returning to a store.


Payment Modernisation

With customers demanding a multichannel experience that seamlessly converges online and in-store shopping, the payment process needs to be entirely frictionless, meeting consumers where they are.


The Need For Convenience

Retailers now need to make the payment process as convenient as possible by offering various types of digital payments, and store associates need to be able to take the checkout around the store with them, with devices that are quick and easy to use.


Staff Shortages and Skills Gaps

The Great Resignation has brought about staff shortages and tech skills gaps in every industry, but the retail industry is one of the worst hit. With fewer staff to serve customers, wait times and customer service levels suffer.

How We Help

  • Checkout Modernisation

    By providing more ways to pay, including digital, pick up, curbside, and “anywhere” checkouts, retailers can give customers the convenience they crave. Using automation to power Smart Checkouts and interactive kiosks, customers can check out instantly.

  • Mobility Devices

    With mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) devices, retailers can improve the speed and convenience of the checkout process, as well as making payments more engaging and easier for employees to use. By increasing operational efficiency from back-of-house to the shop floor, mPOS devices boost customer loyalty and, crucially, loyalty amongst employees.

  • Build Robust Networks

    Modernised checkout processes require the correct bandwidth and connectivity. Establish the strongest Wi-Fi, software-defined wide areas networks (SD-WANs), and 5G for reliable, robust retail networks that power faster payments and streamline the day-to-day tasks of store associates.

  • Collaboration Tools

    Enable mobile working, collaboration, and productivity from head office, across stores, and wherever your team extends to with modernised collaboration tools.

Modernising Retail Experiences

  • Smart checkout

  • Interactive kiosks

  • mPOS devices

  • Pop-up stores

  • Head office

  • Network health checks

The CDW Difference

CDW offers retailers a dedicated retail team that acts as your technology solution consultant, through every step of the supply chain. By being vendor agnostic, we can shape multiple technology solutions to your unique requirements, delivering to over 170 countries and providing the upmost flexibility and responsiveness through our National Distribution Centre. 

Throughout the business transformation process, CDW manages the smooth implementation of hardware and software, ensuring that business continuity is never disrupted and providing constant, end-to-end support and incident management.  

  • 360 Degrees Of Expertise

    Our highly accredited teams work side-by-side with our Retail Partner Community covering everything from project planning to technical support.

  • Round-The-Clock Support

    24/7 multilingual ServiceDesk support staffed by over 350 professionals, with over 100 field engineers and a Service Operations Centre.

  • National Distribution Centre

    Delivery to 98% of UK within 4.5 hours via 120,000sqft facility, shipping over 3.5 million items to over 170 countries each year.

Retail Case Studies

CDW technician help set up robust cloud operation for business flexibility.

Premier Foods

Premier Foods boosts flexibility after CDW orchestrates migration to AWS Public Cloud.

The Midcounties Co-operative

The Midcounties Co-operative modernise the way they work with help from CDW.
Estee Lauder

The Estee Lauder Companies

The Estee Lauder Companies chose CDW as a partner with the Apple expertise to consolidate the supply of devices.

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