DaaS Readiness

Our CDW DaaS Readiness Assessment is a key step in onboarding into CDW’s DaaS management service. The assessment is a workshop where we identify and capture all the necessary details to ensure you can have a smooth transition into DaaS. We will produce a report detailing our findings as well as highlighting any areas where work is needed to bring your environment in-line with the DaaS managed service’s requirements. We can work with you to remediate these areas if that is desired, though this is out-of scope for this service and a separate statement of works will need to be drawn up for any such work.

Key Deliverables From Our CDW DaaS Readiness Assessment

By taking part in our CDW DaaS Readiness Assessment you will unlock the following deliverables:

  • Half-day workshop with one of our Consultants who will discuss our DaaS requirements and identify any areas where additional work is required to be completed before onboarding into the service.

  • A report detailing your environment and your readiness to onboard into DaaS. We will highlight any remediation or prerequisite work that is required. Before we unlock your DaaS potential, we will require access to the client stakeholders who are responsible for the delivery and management of endpoint device.

Why CDW?


Flexible Solutions

CDW is a leading multi-brand technology solutions provider to business, government, education, and healthcare organisations in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and other international locations. We help our clients achieve their goals through an outcome-led approach, delivering integrated solutions and services that maximise their technology investment.


Predictable Costs

Integrating new technologies into your organisation demands a careful balancing act; cost, security, and competitive advantage all need to be considered as part of a forward-thinking IT strategy.


Enhanced Productivity

We are recipients of the industry’s highest achievable accreditations. Our IT solutions and services are designed to offer you strategic advantages over your competitors, a better experience for your users, and increased relevance in the market.

Remove The Burden Of Device Management

Unlock your CDW DaaS potential to take advantage of the flexibility that your business requires and help your business to significantly reduce operational risks by fixing costs and removing unknown and variable charges. Complete the form to receive more information on our CDW DaaS Readiness Assessment.

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DaaS for Windows

With our CDW Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) for Windows solution, you can outsource the procurement, deployment and support of desktop PCs, tablets and laptops, plus associated software.
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