Wireless Service Assessment

Why Assess Your Wireless Service?

Organisations are trying to understand their wireless networking environments and want assurances the environment is designed and configured in accordance to industry good practice, and suits their ongoing needs.

As solutions evolve and adapt to business demands, legacy configuration is often left behind which, over time, can result in degraded performance and a weakened security stance. In addition, reactionary changes necessitated by external factors, such as Covid-19, can result in rapid changes being made in-terms of scale and delivery which could lead to unintentionally weakened security controls and posture.

CDW Wireless Surveys & Health Assessment

In today’s connected world, wireless network performance can significantly impact the ability to be productive, therefore organisations need to continuously monitor network performance and quality of service. The CDW Remote Access Service is designed for those organisations who need to understand their wireless networking environment and want assurances that the environment is designed and configured in accordance to industry good practice, and suits their ongoing needs. By leveraging our expertise we can support you in achieving your Wireless Networking operational goals in the following ways:



Expert analysis of your current Wireless Network deployment and performance.



Clear recommendations for the improvement of configurations, Access Point placements, operational performance, and identification of areas of concern.



Increased availability and service performance after recommended remedial works have been completed.



CDW Wireless Questionnaire completed.

Floor plans

Accurate, up-to-date and good quality floor plans of the areas to be surveyed.

Network Access

Access to the wireless network and sites to be surveyed.


For Troubleshooting and Healthcheck surveys, controller device credentials may be required.

The report includes hardware, firmware, agent software, and associated vendor support status, network topology, device serial numbers, routing and redundancy / HA configuration, device, port and authentication methods, and configuration as well as highlighting any concerns and providing remedial recommendations.

Wireless Service Assessment Services

  • Greenfield

    Onsite survey to provide suggested placement of Access Points. Involves use of suitable Access Point mounted on specialist equipment. Also referred to as ‘AP on a Stick’ survey. Will capture the existing RF environment, as well as the expected signal strength, coverage, and interference levels of a new solution.

  • Predictive

    Remote survey to provide suggested placement of Access Points, derived from software algorithms. No physical survey is performed, and is reliant upon accurate, scaled floorplans. Estimated signal strength and coverage are displayed based on the floorplan and Access Point capabilities.

  • Validation

    Onsite survey to examine the existing wireless spectrum. Identifies signal coverage, noise, interference, and general wireless network health based on criteria defined within survey questionnaire. Useful for determining coverage of existing solutions and validation of new service provision.

  • Troubleshooting

    Onsite survey to provide recommendations around specific issues. Includes validation survey of the required area. Software configuration of WiFi controller or access points is not assessed by this survey.

  • Healthcheck

    Onsite survey to determine overall health of the wireless network. This includes the validation survey, as well as an assessment of the wireless controller and/or access point software configurations. The output is to highlight any recommended modifications to the existing configuration, to increase the overall health of the wireless environment.

    *This is applicable only to controller based WiFi solutions. If your infrastructure is not controller based, please speak with you CDW Account Manager, where we can offer a bespoke service to you.

CDW Remoe Access Assessment Summary

Remote Access Service Assessment

CDW can provide critical insights into the health and security of your Remote Access platform enabling you to maximise your remote access performance, stability and scalability.
Network Assessment Summary

Network Assessments

Our Professional Services Consultants can perform a review of your network from the ground up, providing you with insights into topology, bottlenecks and potential risks.
CDW Firewass Security Assessment Summary

Firewall Security Assessments

CDW knows that your organisation has evolved – but has your firewall policy been kept up to date? Firewall security policy changes and grows over time, and can become weaker or no longer adhere to best practices.
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By providing flexibility and professionalism, ServiceWorks allows you to optimise your core IT costs, without compromising availability or performance.

Request a Wireless Service Assessment

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