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Designed to meet the needs of our customers, from SMEs to multinationals, ServiceTrack is CDW's customer information and procurement portal; a single point of access for your organisation and interaction with CDW.

Many organisations struggle to balance the controlled purchasing of agreed product lists, at agreed specifications, with the need to reduce time spent on procurement. ServiceTrack provides all of the control required for accurate decision making, while remaining simple, intuitive, and easy to use.

  • International Reach

    With ServiceTrack, your users can gain access to multiple accounts via a single login across multiple CDW companies around the globe, using multiple devices and working in different languages and currencies.

  • Compliant Purchasing

    For procurement and IT professionals, ServiceTrack provides a secure environment for efficient and controlled purchasing. Buyers can select from tailored product lists, bundles, and quotes maintained by your CDW account management team. For organisations who require a wider product selection, ServiceTrack can be configured to offer a traditional eCatalogue experience. Our workflow and approval system provides an enhanced level of control where required.

  • Secure by Design

    ServiceTrack can be customised at both an account and individual level to ensure that each user has access to the right information and features. The required level of confidentiality is always maintained, and the highest possible security standards ensure added peace of mind.

  • Transparent, Informative

    ServiceTrack provides direct and instant access to key information via the dynamic dashboard, order tracking, returns, and account financial pages. Where tighter control is required, ServiceTrack can be configured to remove Personally Identifiable Information from view. Our powerful extracts function provides the user with granular asset management information, comprehensive reporting, and trend analysis.

Benefits of ServiceTrack

  • Account and User Access

    • Designed to support global customers with multiple accounts from a single user login
    • Supports engagement with CDW Limited (UK), Netherlands, South Africa, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, and Australia
    • Flexible permissions settings allow precise user by user control of the functions available to them
    • Multi-language support including French, Spanish, Dutch, German, and Italian
  • Dashboard

    • Statistical and graphical representation of key account metrics, documents, and updates, with click through function to access the detail behind the figures
    • Today’s Figures provides a summary of status including open quotes, orders, deliveries
    • Notifications provide dynamic updates of account activity including: order placement, ETA date changes, shipment dispatch, and delivery confirmations
    • Graphical representation of financial status, orders by item type and shipment location
  • Products

    • Bespoke catalogue items designed to the customer’s specific requirements, from small custom catalogues to a full eCatalogue experience
    • Products can be organised into ordered lists and packaged into bundles using familiar terminology
    • Provides visibility of customer owned or held stock, showing the available quantities of each item and ability to call off from stock
    • Multi-currency support
    • Product specification sheets available
  • Order Placement

    • Basket function allows the assembly of required items from product lists, bundles, customer stock, or ad-hoc quotations
    • Allows the generation of quotes and order with VAT and sales taxes included
    • Supports multiple billing accounts set in multiple currencies using pre-agreed delivery addresses
  • Order Status

    • Visibility of all orders placed with ETA dates available where applicable
    • Access to all shipments for each order with links to courier systems for consignment tracking
    • Visibility of asset information in shipments where appropriate including serial number and asset tag information 
  • Reports

    • Track and analyse full history of purchases with CDW
    • Filter by date range, customer PO reference, or keyword (e.g. part code, manufacturer)
    • Export to Excel for review and analysis of data, with export options available down to individual asset level
  • Service Contracts

    • Visibility of CDW provided service contracts such as Hardware Maintenance and Service Desk function
    • Visibility of asset level detail of items covered by service contract
    • Access to related documents held in the portal, i.e. invoices
  • Search

    • Powerful search function, providing quick access to searched terms
    • Refine Search narrows down the selection on any page
    • Global Search from the Dashboard performs an account wide search, returning all references from quotes, orders, shipments, invoices, service contracts etc. in a single page view
  • Returns and Account Information

    • Returns page allows the creation of item return requests and the ability to monitor the status of any requested returns
    • Account Information provides a summary of account balances for all linked accounts, and the ability to generate statements and account activity reports

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eProcurement Services simplify and ensure compliance with your purchasing processes.
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