Give your Employees the Choice

Since the rise of working from home, there has been an increase in technological self-reliance, including workers using their own devices. The change introduces a conversation about choice. We are providing a comprehensive service that specifically tailors towards Apple device management, deployment, help-desk support, financing, employee communications, and more. Innovative solutions that enable digital transformation can bring many Apple benefits to end-users, IT, and enterprise.

We're with you every step of the way, helping prepare your future based on your organisation, workforce, and environment.

Key Features of CDW DaaS for Apple


Configuration Management

Includes asset tagging, dead-on-arrival testing, and deployment of macOS and iOS devices in a ready-to-use state for end user customers.


Software Management

The software management tool enables automatic setup, management, and maintenance of all customer Apple devices, centrally, cost-effectively, and easily. The key elements of the software management tool includes:

  • Automated Application Packaging
  • Device Provisioning
  • Device Encryption
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Self Service
  • Apple Business and School Manager Integration


Disposal Management

CDW offers a turnkey reclamation process which provides a consistent, dependable and secure disposal at the end of every device lifecycle.

What Does CDW Device-as-a-Service for Apple Solve?

Today’s employees expect modern, high-performing technology. Organisations are discovering a growing need to provide devices to an increasingly mobile environment, without compromising productivity and total cost of ownership.

They want to improve the digital experience through:

  • Faster device refresh cycles

  • Personalised, high-performing devices

  • Flexibility to meet emerging business needs

Remove The Burden Of Device Management

Unlock your CDW DaaS potential to take advantage of the flexibility that your business requires and help your business to significantly reduce operational risks by fixing costs and removing unknown and variable charges. Complete the form to receive more information on our CDW DaaS Readiness Assessment for Apple.

CDW Daas For Windows Summary

DaaS for Windows

With our CDW Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) for Windows solution, you can outsource the procurement, deployment and support of desktop PCs, tablets and laptops, plus associated software.
CDW Daas Readiness Summary (1)

DaaS Readiness Assessment

Our CDW DaaS Readiness Assessment is an assessment workshop where we identify and capture all the necessary details to ensure you can have a smooth transition into DaaS.
Is time running out on old window devices

Windows Discovery Service

CDW's Windows Discovery Service helps you understand your endpoint estate – what devices you have, the hardware, and what applications are being used.