Software Asset Management

We provide a range of software services, such as software asset management (SAM), renewals management, software licencing, and customer success consultancy. You can enjoy the benefits of full software lifecycle management from one supplier.

Reducing Risk and Overspend

Our dedicated software management portals, deep levels of licencing expertise, and industry-leading vendor accreditations uniquely position us to provide total management for your software estate.

Keeping Control of Your Software Portfolio

Our SAM solutions help you to balance software management pressures to provide cost savings and performance improvements.

  • Spend on SaaS applications, such as Office365 and Adobe CC, is continually optimised to prevent financial waste.
  • Compliance management services ensure that you can proactively mitigate risks associated with software licencing noncompliance.
  • Our software consultants analyse software usage across your organisation and software contracts to understand overlapping software assets or functionality. We can then provide guidance on streamlining software portfolios to drive cost savings and efficiencies.
  • We provide independent consultancy on SAM technology solutions, so you can assess all viable options and identify a best-fit IT solution for your requirements.
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Dedicated Software Expertise

The changing nature of software functionality, licencing metrics, and product use rights means up-to-date industry knowledge is critical to software management. CDW’s SAM team ensures that our customers are supported by consultants with the highest levels of accreditation in the industry.

  • CDW holds top-tier accreditations across all major licensing partners
  • We provide regular training and insights, not just to our team, but also to our customers through webinars and related SAM content

Our core SAM services are designed to help you quickly gain a view of your IT estate and software usage. This enables you to accurately drive spend and deployment optimisation programmes across your organisation.

Software asset management is a challenging discipline that demands specialist expertise, carefully designed processes, and reliable technology. Our SAM experience and understanding is why so many of our customers embed our SAM solutions into their everyday activities.

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Software Renewals Management

At an enterprise level this becomes an extensive and complex issue. With renewal dates occurring at different intervals and over varying timescales, it’s not surprising that many organisations fail to proactively manage and optimise their software renewals portfolio and contract spend.


Renewals Made Easy

When you invest in software to make your business more productive, the last thing you want is to incur unnecessary costs or to hinder the workforce. We can provide a dedicated approach to renewals, delivering proactive support and reminders throughout the software renewals cycle.


Simple Management

Managing your full portfolio of software renewals and remaining updated when changes occur in software usage and contract terms is time-consuming. Choose CDW and we can give you total visibility of your entire software estate, providing the reassurance needed when working with such important assets.  We also proactively track your software renewals, delivering reminders at 90-, 60- and 30-day intervals.


Value From Your Assets

We'll help you achieve your business objectives whilst optimising your software spend and deployments.

By consolidating software contract renewal dates you can reduce the total cost of software contracts, as well as reduce renewals management complexities.

Our team will also look to make proactive recommendations on the products being renewed within the software contract to help ensure that what is being renewed is relevant and valuable to the business and that the functionality being delivered by the software is not already being delivered by a different application. CDW offers a flexible approach to software renewals management, ensuring you can gain full control of your software portfolio.

Software Licencing

CDW has a team of dedicated software consultants who hold top-tier accreditations across all of the major licencing vendors. This, along with our range of IT support services, enables us to look after your organisation's software needs throughout the entire software lifecycle.

Software applications and associated licencing are vital components of your IT estate and have significant cost implications. Managing the decision-making process around what to buy, when to buy, and how to buy it is difficult without qualified expertise.

Licencing programmes change, as do user requirements, and keeping on top of the full spectrum of your software estate can be time-consuming. Ensuring that you’ve obtained the right software assets and in the most cost-effective way is harder still.

Why CDW For Software Licencing?

Our licencing solutions ensure that your organisation has the software it needs, and that every asset adds value to the business.

Support Throughout the Whole Lifecycle

Effective management of your software portfolio relies on expertise and constantly updated knowledge. CDW's team of highly experienced, vendor-accredited consultants can support your decisions regarding software requirements, ensuring you buy or subscribe to only what you need at the best available price, and that you utilise the full potential of your investment.

Making Software Work for You

Software assets are there to enhance your business – they should work for you, not the other way round. We can help keep your software procurement and management proportionate to the value it brings to your organisation.

  • CDW continually invests in training and our vendor relationships, ensuring we have the most up-to-date solutions knowledge in the industry
  • We can assess your software agreements and contracts, looking for opportunities to optimise them to ensure you gain full value
  • We provide a range of supportive software services, such as software asset management (SAM), renewals management, and customer success consultancy. This ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of full software lifecycle management from one supplier.
Understanding the Software Lifecycle

CDW provides a full range of end-to-end services to support our customers' software requirements. These services let you assess appropriate software options, both functionally and financially. You can also procure under appropriate software agreements, deploy and migrate to new technology, manage the software renewals cycle, and tap into our independent SAM services consultancy to drive continual cost savings and mitigate financial risk.

  • Through presales consultancy, we ensure that all available software agreements have been explored and cost-modelled over a number of years. This helps you make informed decisions that align to your business strategy about the most appropriate agreements under which to procure software.
  • Our Cloud Services team provides end-to-end deployment and migration services, from pre-sales consultancy workshops and design through to the actual technical deployment.
  • We can help manage your software renewals portfolio, ensuring that you don't miss important renewals.
  • Our SAM team provides comprehensive lifecycle management for software licencing estates via services and solutions designed to complement your technical environments, organisational requirements, and budget.
  • CDW's Baseline Service gives you a validated position of software licence compliance for any software vendor. This helps build a complete picture of which of your software assets are being used, what isn't being used, and, importantly, how this reconciles against licences that you've actually bought or subscribed to.
  • Utilising the data obtained during the Baseline Service, our Optimisation Service builds a strategy and framework for corrective actions to lower cost and mitigate risk in software portfolios.
CDW Configuration Summary

Configuration Services

Relieve your IT team from setting up new equipment, for greater internal operational efficiency.
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National Distribution Centre

CDW's National Distribution Centre provides you with supply chain flexibility and responsiveness, ensuring you keep running efficiently and cost-effectively.
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International Logistics

Managing international logistics is a complex business. CDW is experienced in supplying and supporting expanding organisations and established multinationals.
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Consolidate suppliers, secure competitive commercial rates and improve operational efficiency with CDW's Procurement Solutions.
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eProcurement Services

eProcurement Services simplify and ensure compliance with your purchasing processes.
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If you're responsible for selecting, configuring, deploying, supporting, maintaining, recycling or upgrading devices, Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) can make your job much easier.
CDW Payment Solutions Summary

Payment Solutions

Payment solutions and equipment leasing lets you acquire the latest hardware, software, and support licences at a manageable cost while remaining flexible as your technology needs grow over time.

Remove the Headache

At CDW, we don't just reduce the risk of failing to comply with software licencing contract terms. We remove software management headaches from our customers, save them from the cost of over-licencing, and help them plan for future migrations. Get in touch to see what we could do for your organisation.