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Cloud Planning & Design

Consider how your developers work today, their test and release cycle, and how that might evolve through a public cloud adoption. Think about how you might want to devolve and delegate budget responsibilities and cost modelling out to different departments. Consider how you're going to stay lean in the cloud once you start on the journey of a consumption-based service. Who is overspending and why, can services be switched off out of hours, and can they continuously be resized until they reach the optimal spend? Think about your evolving culture for accessible monitoring and alerting; it should be everyone's responsibility to see threats and to be able to respond to them. 

Plan for enterprise discounts prior to any migration, and if you're looking for vendor funding based on an accelerated migration, ensure you plan for that too. CDW can do both. 

How CDW Help You Achieve Your Cloud Goals

Don't wait for an assessment to complete – get started with a low cost, well-designed public cloud platform that complements your existing systems, so your organisation is ready to deliver with cloud quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

  • CloudPlan®

    CDW CloudPlan® provides everything needed to quantify the cost of a targeted IaaS use case in public cloud, whether that be a data centre migration or a cluster of application services. CloudPlan® will highlight the most expensive workloads as well as provide the most cost-effective and utilisation-based pricing. CloudPlan® will also provide technical OS compatibility and dependency mapping in order to provide absolute confidence in a successful migration. 

  • AppPlan

    AppPlan from CDW applies the same principles as CloudPlan® but for PaaS-based services. An AppPlan assessment will provide a confidence rating on which applications within your portfolio are good candidates for PaaS, therefore completely removing any support from the application stack down. 

  • JumpStart

    CDW JumpStart is an accelerator for Public Cloud adoption. It's our carefully created framework and design process for deploying a best practice public cloud account, organisation and platform architecture. JumpStart ensures that you're not waiting around for an assessment to complete before gathering the requirements, designing, and building out a target public cloud platform in preparation for adoption when the eventual request from the business comes in. 

  • Migrate

    An assisted migration by CDW can help you increase the speed of your migration to the cloud, decrease cost, avoid inconvenience, and arm your IT teams with practical skills for the future, with expert support guidance available when you need it. We will recommend, deploy, and configure the right migration tools for your current environment, and will run a pilot migration to familiarise your IT team with the tool and migration process before handing the control over to you. 

Alliance Partners

We have built strategic partnerships with industry-leading cloud technology partners to deliver you market-leading cloud solutions.

Specialist Partners

  • AWS

  • Cloudamize

  • CloudEndure

  • Fortinet

  • Google

  • Lakeside Software

  • LucidChart

  • Palo Alto

  • ScienceLogic

  • Zerto

Related Solutions & Services

Our experts are here to deliver cloud solutions that meet your exact requirements.

CDW Hybrid Multi Cloud Summary

Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Hybrid cloud platforms take the best of both worlds and bring them together. The cost predictability, data sovereignty and legacy workload support of on-premises data centres is combined with the rapid provisioning, incredible scalability and consumption economics of cloud.
CDW Cloud Migration Summary

Cloud Migration

Whether you're migrating one application or thousands of virtual machines, our cloud-agnostic migration experts will help you get there quickly and cost-effectively.
CDW Cloud Governance Summary

Cloud Governance & Control

Enable your organisation to take advantage of cloud services without losing control of costs, security or management with cloud governance and control solutions from CDW.
CDW Dev Ops Summary


Give your developers the tools and services they need to create value for your organisation without sacrificing the governance, spend-control and security you require.
CDW Cloud Interation Summary

Cloud Integration

Modern, cloud-integrated data centre solutions from CDW lower your costs, simplify your infrastructure and enable you to deliver a better service to your organisation. By enabling true cloud integration, we can help you build a multi-cloud architecture that can support all application and data requirements.
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By providing flexibility and professionalism, ServiceWorks allows you to optimise your core IT costs, without compromising availability or performance.
CDW Infrastructure Automation Summary

Infrastructure Automation

Automation and orchestration solutions from CDW take away the pain of infrastructure provisioning and management and allow the creation of a cloud operating model.
CDW Infrastructure Services Summary

Infrastructure Services

Assess your on-premises data centres and existing cloud positioning with CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure - develop and build future-proof architecture that remains scalable and agile.

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