Cloud Integration

Cloud is not either/or - it's hybrid. Our latest hybrid platform solutions take the best of both worlds and bring them together. That's the cost predictability, data sovereignty and legacy workload support of on-premises data centres combined with the rapid provisioning, incredible scalability, and consumption economics of cloud.

Together, they offer cost-effective storage for cold data such as backups and archives as well as powerful disaster recovery with reduced on-premises footprint. And also the ability to place a workload in the right place at the right time, whilst integrating it with the rest of the IT estate.


CDW's agnostic expertise spans both public and private cloud technologies. With this, we are able to advise upon, build and manage a hybrid infrastructure that meets your technical, commercial and operational needs. We offer end-to-end services for your cloud environment, including secure cloud migrations, cloud integrations, and managed IT Services, cloud backup and recovery, and cloud virtualisation. We help you migrate your applications and data without business interruption, ensuring your solution integrates into your existing and future infrastructure.


  • Expertise

    Your dedicated hybrid platforms expert will guide you through the technical aspects of cloud infrastructure and help you find the right vendors and offerings for your needs — with plenty of advice from our networking, security and virtualisation experts.

  • Collaborative Approach

    Supplementing your in-house expertise, we can help you integrate your infrastructure and manage critical resources. We can also help you evaluate risk, assess and negotiate costs, and articulate ROI potential.

  • End-to-end Solutions

    We'll assess your infrastructure to select, deploy and integrate cloud solutions that are customisable and scalable. And we'll make sure your solutions evolve with your organisation.

  • A Full-Stack Hybrid IT Partner

    With over 30 years of delivering IT hardware, software, services and cloud to our customers, we're the one stop for your IT strategy, hardware, software, services and cloud you need in order to run your organisation.


We have built strategic partnerships with industry-leading technology partners to deliver you with market-leading cloud solutions.


  • AWS

  • Pure

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Our integrated technology solutions experts ensure your productive use of technology by getting to know your organisation, understanding your evolving needs, and advising you on the solutions right for you.

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By providing flexibility and professionalism, ServiceWorks allows you to optimise your core IT costs, without compromising availability or performance.
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Infrastructure Services

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