Cyber Security Really Matters

CDW’s Security Chief Technologist, Greg Van Der Gaast sat down with Cisco’s Security Research Technical Lead, Martin Lee, for a discussion on cyber crime, cyber security and threat intelligence.


Greg Van Der Gaast

Chief Technologist - Security, CDW

Greg was once considered one of the world’s ‘five most notorious hackers’, spent time undercover in the FBI, and now works as a cyber security thought leader. 

He’s a celebrated public speaker and author too; focusing on how organisations can protect themselves with unconventional approaches, marrying IT with strategy, leadership and human potential. 

Martin Lee

Technical Lead, Security Research - EMEA, Cisco

Martin works at the frontier of cyber security research and discovery; he’s been identifying the latest threats and bringing understanding to the threat environment for over 20 years. 

Martin advises organisations on the techniques used by cyber criminals to subvert networked systems, and seeks to improve their resilience to such threats. Like Greg, he’s also a published author on a variety of cyber security issues. 

The Five Key Themes In The Video Are:

  • The cyberthreat landscape  

    The objectives and mindsets of different types of cyber criminals, what they’re trying to achieve and the latest techniques to try and bypass the cyber security efforts of their potential victims. 

  • Resourcing  

    There are 4 million unfulfilled cyber security vacancies worldwide. There aren’t enough people in the industry, so machine learning, automation, and strategic solutions for security workers are key. 

  • XDR (Extended detection and response) 

    How ‘extended detection and response' technology can empower security teams and free them up by highlighting potential threats, clearly, in real time. 

  • Incident Response 

    Cyber security incidents can be a big drain on human resource, but an XDR solution can help with efficient incident response and help drive a downward trend in incidents. 

  • Solving the problem 

    Using ML and AI to cleanse code, empowering administrators and security workers, better education and planning, more integration between systems and why ‘prevention is better than cure’. 

Download the ebook

In this ebook, Greg van der Gaast explores the historic perception of Cisco, the current state of the security industry and what Cisco's recent high-profile acquisitions could mean for their security offering in the future.