Hybrid Platforms Professional Services

Innovative Solutions for Modern Organisations

As a leading provider of IT solutions, our experts are well-versed in designing, implementing, and managing hybrid infrastructures that optimise performance, data storage, and application delivery. They work closely you to understand your unique needs and craft customised solutions that leverage both traditional data centers and cloud platforms, enabling seamless data exchange and secure access across the network.

Our hybrid platform services also emphasise robust security measures, protecting sensitive data and applications from potential threats. By choosing CDW's IT professional services for hybrid infrastructure, you can achieve greater agility, cost efficiency, and reliability, ensuring a competitive edge in today's dynamic IT landscape.

Our Technical Expertise

Our team of multi-skilled and highly performing Technical Consultants, certified to the highest level across multiple vendors and technology stacks, hold various levels of security clearances, with a holistic and independent viewpoint.

The Hybrid Platforms Team create modern and flexible next-generation platforms for your on-premise data centres to meet the changing demands of your business, using cutting-edge services and solutions.

As market leaders in data centre, storage, compute, virtualisation and data protection, we design and implement traditional and next-generation multi-vendor, multi-site data centre, storage, compute, virtualisation and data protection solutions. Automating and orchestrating the implementations to optimise delivery and functionality.

  • Connectivity

  • Data centre co-location

  • Storage & compute

  • Virtualisation

  • Data protection & information management

  • Multi-cloud services

  • Platform security

  • Modern apps & data platforms

  • Infrastructure automation

  • Operations & observability

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