Networking & Security Professional Services

Fortifying Your Digital Infrastructure

CDW's networking and security professional services are designed to fortify your organisation's digital infrastructure, providing comprehensive and reliable solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

As a trusted industry leader, CDW offers a wide array of networking and security services, ranging from strategic planning and design to seamless implementation and ongoing management. We design and implement traditional and next-generation multi-vendor, multi-site, intent-based Software-Defined Access (SDA), SD-WAN, and SD-DC platforms. These are further enhanced through our delivery of advanced zero-trust security solutions and services.


Our Technical Expertise

Our team of seasoned experts possess extensive knowledge in networking technologies, cyber security and best practices, enabling them to address even the most complex challenges efficiently. Whether it's optimising existing network setups, deploying cutting-edge security measures, or safeguarding critical data from potential threats, CDW's professional services ensure your business operates in a secure and high-performing environment, fostering growth and innovation while mitigating risks.

  • Secure service edge

  • Infrastructure security

  • Endpoint protection platforms

  • Identity & access management

  • Vulnerability & risk management

  • Application & workload protection

  • SOC services & tooling

  • Data security

  • Advisory services

  • Security compliance

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