The concept of a traditional workspace has changed; employees are no longer confined to one permanent location. At CDW, our collaboration solutions enable organisations to keep up with work environments as they evolve – without compromising productivity or security.

One size doesn't fit all; no two businesses are the same, so our expert team ensures that they design solutions tailored to each organisation’s individual requirements. Investing in collaboration solutions that match the culture of your organisation is vital to their long-term viability. CDW's solution architects design and deliver collaboration strategies that address your business goals, legacy constraints and user personas.

Why CDW?

Choosing technologies that are right for your organisation involves complex analysis and careful decision making. At CDW, we operate in a vendor-agnostic manner, working with market-leading hardware and software providers to deliver high quality and reliable solutions designed to match your operational needs.

We offer expertise across devices and platforms to ensure that however your employees want to work, they're supported.

Investing in hybrid collaboration technology at a high-level and taking the time to optimise individual meetings will ensure that your employees remain engaged and supported. Talent retention and attraction relies on engaging and efficient solutions, failure to achieve this can result in lost talent and less productive talent searches.


Microsoft 365 is more than just a set of tools - it's a powerful solution that’ll help you achieve more by combining a rich and familiar productivity suite, allowing you to collaborate in real time, access files anywhere from any device, and automate your routine tasks, all wrapped with artificial intelligence and underpinned by enterprise-level security and compliance features to protect your data and keep it secure.  

We have a range of free workshops on offer to help you realise the value of Do More With Less.  


We have built strategic partnerships with industry-leading technology partners to deliver you with market-leading collaboration and productivity solutions.

Storage and Compute Working in CDW Office


The future of meeting rooms needs to change. There needs to be capacity limits on the rooms, but also the rooms need to be smarter themselves.

Discover how we can help you equip your hybrid workforce with smart meeting rooms for better collaboration.

Application Delivery Summary

Application Delivery & Management

Our application delivery and management solutions help you effectively deploy, manage, and optimise your applications.
Industry Leaders Summary

Devices & Peripherals

With CDW's extensive network of industry-leading partners, our end-to-end capability and our expert services, we are perfectly placed to deliver increased user adoption and productivity to your organisation, as well as flexible financial models and modern provisioning and deployment.
End Point Management Solutions

Endpoint Management

Our endpoint management solutions help you effectively manage and secure your endpoint devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.
Mobility And Frontline Summary

Mobility & Frontline Worker

Our Mobility Management solutions can help you manage and secure your mobile environment across multiple devices and platforms.
Business track customers digital experience with help of CDW

Digital Experience Monitoring

The experience of using the services provided is just as important as the services themselves. We help you gain insights into user experience, helping you to make the right decisions and improve satisfaction and productivity.
Offsite Working

Remote Access

CDW provides you with tools that are integrated to ensure employees in any location can work smoothly and swiftly on the tasks that matter most, without any loss of management control and compliance.

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