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Integrating new technologies into your business demands a careful balancing act; cost, security, and competitive advantage all need to be considered in a forward-looking IT strategy. Doing 'more with less' often requires an investment in your IT infrastructure, allowing your workforce to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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Tailored Service Design

Whether you're extending your operations, improving efficiency, or completing a merger, an effective IT strategy has become business critical. CDW provides a complete portfolio of solutions and services to ensure that whatever change our customers are undertaking, we're their trusted IT partner.

  • Technology Experts

    CDW Ireland's team comprises technology experts who hold leading partner accreditations.

  • Tailored Technology Solutions

    We design tailored services and solutions for customers of all sizes in both public and private sectors, in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

  • Managed Services

    Our managed services are proactively monitored and adjusted, ensuring we provide constant value across the lifecycle of your solutions.

  • Comprehensive SLAs

    Transparency is core to CDW's approach; our team delivers to comprehensive SLAs which are designed to your specific business requirements.

A Consistent Experience

Many businesses are frustrated by inconsistencies in IT support across their international sites.

When you're operating in an unfamiliar and challenging territory, it helps to have the familiarity and reliability of service you're used to in your head office.

In Ireland as elsewhere, CDW provides trained experts with real-world local experience and knowledge, delivering consistent pricing and service levels, all through a trusted – and consistent – point of contact.

Technology Solutions

The increasing complexity of IT infrastructures demands that every organisation has access to a wide portfolio of technical skills. CDW Ireland provides vendor-neutral experts to design, deploy, and manage the right solutions for your business.

The CDW Difference

Fostering innovation in diverse, mobile, and distributed workforces across the globe.

CDW’s IT solutions and IT services for customers are designed to deliver business-based outcomes. Our unique approach to IT integration and our proprietary services are created to make your business more efficient.

We offer end-to-end capabilities spanning solution design, consultancy, project management, logistics, and support services. We operate on a truly international scale, which enables us to offer complete orchestration of integrated technology solutions across the globe.

  • Global Scale

    We ship in excess of 3.5 million items annually to over 170 countries worldwide. Alongside our ability to deliver to over 170 countries globally, we have in-region teams to support in-time zone activities. Our capabilities and teams work with yours, freeing up or augmenting your resources to focus on business value engagements.

  • Unrivalled Partnerships

    To complement this our Partners are investing in the CDW Enterprise team, so once we understand your strategy we can engage with them to drive the best business outcomes, whether these be industry leading or emerging vendors, driving real transformation within your organisation.

  • Ecommerce

    Designed to meet the needs of our customers, ServiceTrack is CDW's customer information and procurement portal. You can enable self-service for procurement staff, minimise touchpoints, order efficiently, streamline processes and maintain compliance.

Ensuring Success Through Strategic Partnerships

For over 30 years, we have established strong relationships with industry-leading brands and carefully selected emerging technology providers to deliver solutions that drive value for customers around the globe.

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CDW brings together the right technology and expertise to solve your most complex organisational challenges. Our consulting, cloud and integrated technology solutions, and managed services help you drive and manage innovation and growth. Contact us to transform your business.