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Application Delivery Solutions

Optimising your network to enhance access to critical applications has become a priority for organisations as they build redundancy into their internal networks and centralise applications within their data centres or the cloud. Critical applications running on multiple servers can improve performance by intelligently balancing traffic between the servers while maintaining resiliency within the network.

CDW's application delivery solutions enable you to simplify management of applications at remote sites and in-cloud locations by hosting critical applications within your main data centre and optimising your wide area network (WAN) to reduce the latency of applications to your remote sites.




How Will Application Delivery Solutions Help You?

Employing application delivery solutions can help your business to:



application latency to remote end-users



provisioning and management



operating and management costs

How CDW Helps You Streamline Application Delivery & Management

A unified approach to application and desktop management saves IT departments both time and money. Whether using physical or virtual desktops, a standardised application framework that’s simple to manage allows new applications to be deployed quickly and cost-effectively.

By partnering with CDW, you gain access to a suite of pre-verified solutions, giving you a reliable, thoroughly tested platform for your applications and services.

  • Identify

    which applications are business-critical

  • Prioritise

    applications requiring instant access

  • Determine

    which applications would benefit from optimisation

  • Investigate

    how and when are application accessed

Industry-Leading Partnerships

We work with the industry's leading technology vendors, giving you unmatched choice and expertise in selecting the best mobility management, collaboration and security solutions.

CDW Collaboration Summary

Collaboration & Productivity

With the right applications, your employees are empowered to work productively through any device, at any time, and from any location.
CDW Devices & Peripherals Summary

Devices & Peripherals

With CDW's extensive network of industry-leading partners, our end-to-end capability and our expert services, we are perfectly placed to deliver increased user adoption and productivity to your organisation, as well as flexible financial models and modern provisioning and deployment.
CDW Endpoint Management Summary

Endpoint Management

Our endpoint management solutions help you effectively manage and secure your endpoint devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.
CDW Mobility And Frontline Summary

Mobility & Frontline Worker

Our Mobility Management solutions can help you manage and secure your mobile environment across multiple devices and platforms.
CDW Digital Experience Monitoring Summary

Digital Experience Monitoring

The experience of using the services provided is just as important as the services themselves. We help you gain insights into user experience, helping you to make the right decisions and improve satisfaction and productivity.
CDW Remote Access Summary

Remote Access

CDW provides you with tools that are integrated to ensure employees in any location can work smoothly and swiftly on the tasks that matter most, without any loss of management control and compliance.

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