Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be used a in wealth of operations to the benefit of the business, department, users, and customer. The benefits of RPA can enable organisations to redeploy staff into roles that add more value to the business and customer, whilst increase job satisfaction and retention.

The type of operations include:

  • Quote to cash processes

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Procure to pay

  • Joiners, movers, adds and changes (JMAC)

  • Screening processes

  • Credit check processes

  • Payroll analysis

  • HR compliance checks

  • Offer letter administration

  • Benefits administration

  • Refunds and returns

  • Order processing

  • Customer onboarding

  • Supplier onboarding

  • Spend analysis and reporting

CDW RPA Plan Workshops

No matter what the desired business outcome, a Solutions Architect will work with you in your workshop to highlight areas, departments, job roles, and processes that can be automated to suit your business needs.

With our experience as a leading solutions and services provider, CDW can help you identify the areas of your business that can be transformed through automation.

Who Are the RPA Plan Workshops For?

Most industries will benefit from an RPA workshop, particularly those with repetitive tasks. Businesses in areas such as Finance & Insurance, Healthcare, Telecoms, and Governmental departments have processes ideal for automation. These workshops are aimed at Business, Departmental, and Process owners looking to drive efficiencies, such as saving time, reducing costs, and increasing scalability, and driving greater customer outcomes, whether internal or external customers.

Preparing for an RPA Plan Workshop

Before you conduct an RPA PLAN engagement with CDW, we would like a 1-hour session to talk you through the engagement and what key information will be needed to generate the business case. This sets the right expectation from the outset. The prerequisite to conduct an RPA PLAN, CDW would advise the following:


Be Available

Stakeholders (IT and LOB where required) to be available for the planning workshops


Complete Tasks

Completion of the pre-requisite tasks, such as for all attendees to watch the “What is a good process to automate” video


Be Prepared

Bring to the workshop an open mind and a list of potential processes or challenges your organisation faces today

What to Automate

The simplest and most universally applicable automation use-cases, where you ought to focus firs, are those which are:

  • Highly repetitive, and hence monotonous for employees)High volume
  • Gathering data from disparate platforms and systems
  • Low variance
  • Highly rule-based (i.e., there are very few options for deviation)
  • Mature and stable processes which the organisation has been carrying out for a long time

5 Steps To Intelligent Automation

Robotic Process Automation can see a return of 800% on specific tasks and requirements. Our specialists are sharing the 5 steps to intelligent automation in our RPA ebook.

Why Choose CDW For RPA?

CDW offer ideation services created to provide organisations with a business case and assessment of the ROI on automating processes. Helping you find the right processes to drive adoption and success in your RPA initiatives has led to the CDW RPA PMAC (Plan, Migrate, Adopt, CARE). Each step is carefully designed so that regardless of the stage you are in on your journey, CDW can help. You don’t have to start on the Plan phase; if you are further in your journey, CDW’s model can assist regardless.

  • Trusted Provider

    CDW is a leading multi-brand technology solutions provider to business, government, education, and healthcare organisations in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and other international locations.

  • Full Delivery Capability

    We help our clients achieve their goals through an outcome-led approach, delivering integrated solutions and services that maximise their technology investment. Integrating new technologies into your organisation demands a careful balancing act; cost, security and competitive advantage all need to be considered as part of a forward-thinking IT strategy.

  • Industry Experts

    At CDW, we are recipients of the industry’s highest achievable accreditations. Our IT solutions and services are designed to offer you strategic advantages over your competitors, a better experience for your users, and increased relevance in the market.

CDW RPA Migrate Summary

RPA Migrate

RPA Migrate is an engagement framework for migrating to unattended automation. It allows you to deliver your initial process(es) in an automated platform ensuring you can measure the success.
CDW RPA Adopt Summary

RPA Adopt

RPA Adopt is focussed on driving awareness of the attended process change to business users. Key stakeholder engagement and education is provided in this framework.
CDW RPA Care Summary

RPA Care

CDW's RPA Care is here to keep your investment valuable to your organisation. This framework is aimed at people who have either just adopted RPA or those who have already automated processes.

Request an RPA Plan Workshop

Complete the form to request an RPA Plan workshop and access our ideation service to provide you with a business case and assessment of the ROI on automating processes, helping you find the right processes to drive adoption and success in your RPA initiatives.