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The retail sector has been the stage for massive changes in consumer behaviours. Many are set in motion by the emergence of new and innovative ways of shopping, as more and more people shop online, retailers need to provide a seamless integration with store experiences.

From eCommerce apps to experiential displays, the retail industry is in a period of transformation that shows no signs of stopping. The winners will be those who adapt, prioritising the needs of their customers, innovating to stay ahead of their competitors and seeking out operational efficiency gains. CDW works with businesses across the full spectrum of retail, empowering them with the tools they need to succeed in this shifting landscape. We understand that technology is an enabler and when combined with people and process it can accelerate a brands success. 

70 %

of consumers use multiple channels to shop (Harvard Business Review)

16 %

what customers will pay for a great experience (PwC)

54 %

Mobile wallets will account for over 54% of e-commerce transactions in 2026 (

Retail Solutions & Services

Retail May Summary

Retail Insights

Welcome to CDW’s ‘The World of Retail’; where we share the hottest stories in retail from around Europe on a monthly basis. 
CDW Retail Security Summary

Retail Security

Security threats can ruin a business’s reputation and growth. Stay ahead of breaches with the latest security solutions to create a trustworthy shopping experience.
CDW Cloud Retail Summary

Cloud Retail

Cloud can be key in creating a great customer experience, but migrating can be complex and time-consuming. Trust CDW to take you into a cloud-first future.
CDW Transforming Payments Summary

Transforming Payments

Embrace the digital transformation of the checkout for frictionless payment processes, creating a smooth experience for customers and employees.

Why CDW?

CDW’s established expertise in the retail industry gives us the ability to pull together the right solution for each business, using our suite of end-to-end strategic partners. Our solution architects can design multicomponent systems that keep stores as safe and secure as possible, able to meet the changing needs of the retail industry. 

With a dedicated team and access to a variety of scalable, tailor-made software and hardware solutions, CDW helps build a shield around retailers’ networks, protecting customers, employees, and the business bottom line. CDW are also on hand, should security incidents occur, through a centralised helpdesk, providing support beyond the purchasing process.

  • 360 Degrees Of Expertise

    Our highly accredited teams work side-by-side with our Retail Partner Community covering everything from project planning to technical support.

  • Global Scale

    An international footprint serving over 170 countries around the world from a central account team.

  • Procurement Friendly

    Procurement processes are simplified by our award-winning supply chain management portal, ServiceTrack.

  • National Distribution Centre

    Delivery to 98% of UK within 4.5 hours via 120,000sqft facility, shipping over 3.5 million items to over 170 countries each year.

  • Configuration Centre

    Over 750 workstations in a 30,000sqft facility staffed by 40+ technicians offering consultancy, rack building and device imaging

  • Retail Partner Community

    Opening doors to CDW’s network of best-of-breed vendors, developers and solution partners.

  • Robust Infrastructure

    3 UK data centres offering co-located, fully managed and hybrid services.

  • Round-The-Clock Support

    24/7 multilingual ServiceDesk support staffed by over 350 professionals, with over 100 field engineers and a Service Operations Centre.

  • Trusted By The Experts

    250,000 global clients, representing 30% of FTSE 100.

  • Support Services

    For every stage, including enterprise solution design, managed services, integrated planning, consultancy and device management.

  • Dependable Engineering

    Break-fix solutions via over 100 field service and on-site engineers, contactable through a single help desk.

Building Your Future Of Retail

Intel and CDW partner with you to help you build the future of retail today— a future in which data fusion and AI provide insights from the first customer engagement, predicting demand and managing the end to end supply chain.

Our Retail Community

There's a wide range of technology partners within the retail sector providing different software and hardware solutions covering areas around customer experience, digital content, store technology, warehouse and visual solutions. We have created partnerships with the key vendors, allowing us to offer the best value and support for our retail clients.

We work with leading technology providers around kiosks, ePOS, digital signage, last-mile software solutions, inventory management, MPOS, "clienteling" and in-store experience. CDW can reduce the complexity involved by selecting the best vendors to work with, delivering end-to-end solutions alongside these partners, and wrapping them into a competitive cost-per-month per-store model.

Retail IT Solution Partners

As a trusted partner, we work alongside you, bringing together solutions expertise, our retail partner community, and advanced capabilities in project management, logistics, support services, and flexible financial packages.

Speak To Our Retail IT Solution Specialists

Stay ahead of the competition and drive success in your retail business by leveraging our deep industry knowledge and innovative technologies. From advanced point-of-sale systems to seamless omnichannel experiences, we have the solutions you need to optimise operations, enhance customer engagement, and drive growth.

Contact us today to explore how our retail IT solutions can transform your business and keep you at the forefront of the ever-evolving retail landscape. Don't miss out on the latest advancements – connect with our team now and embark on a journey towards retail excellence.