An Evolving Challenge

With both physical and digital security vital in maintaining business reputation and growth, retailers need to evolve their security posture in parallel with escalating threats.  

As technology evolves, security measures quickly become outdated, and with retailers handling customers’ sensitive payment data, securing all checkout processes is vital. 

With future-facing solutions that span physical and digital stores, retailers can create a shopping experience that feels trustworthy, innovative, and worth coming back for.  

Security doesn’t just equal greater business returns, it also streamlines the customer experience and creates a better and safer working environment for employees. 


Organised retail crime incidents increased by over a quarter in 2021.

36 %

of retail respondents cited human error as their leading security threat.

72 %

of shoppers would be less likely to buy again if they felt a brand had been irresponsible with their data. How many customers would take business elsewhere if they experienced a security issue? 

What Retailers Are Facing Today


Evolving Security Threats

Security threats, whether they are targeted at physical or online stores, are constantly changing to thwart defences. As fraudsters become more advanced, detecting and protecting against their attacks is a much bigger task for retailers.


Employees On A Time Crunch

Store management is only getting more complicated with the use of new and evolving technologies, with in-store associates having less time and energy to spend identifying security threats.


Human Error and Lack of Knowledge

As the root cause of the majority of security issues, human error is something that needs to be addressed with continued awareness, training, and education, in order to avoid preventable business losses.

How We Can Help

  • Securing the physical store

    The retail stores of the future should deploy security solutions that protect every stage of the customer journey. With video surveillance, smart shelves that monitor supply and demand, self-checkouts that detect loss, and RFID tagging to track inventory, retailers have enhanced visibility of the status of their goods in real time and can better detect fraudulent or suspicious activity.

  • Enhanced surveillance

    Retail crime is an issue as old as the industry. With specialised video surveillance and greater visibility of customer behaviour using IP-based cameras and video management solutions, retailers can minimise lost inventory and revenue by detecting illicit activities before they escalate. CDW helps retailers get more value from visual technology, enabling real-time video streaming and ensuring the correct switches, routers, and security protocols are in place to support surveillance devices.  

  • IT security services

    CDW offers a portfolio of in-depth tools to secure IT and hardware within retail stores, including network segmentation, endpoint protection, malware detection, and patching, mitigating any data hacking and privacy threats.

  • Store in a box

    Selecting, installing, and managing a suite of security services is a complex task. CDW provides a full stock management solution, with pre-configuration and onsite installation services included to ensure speedy, seamless rollout.

Modernising Retail Experiences

  • Video surveillance

  • Smart shelves

  • Access control

  • AI-driven advanced video technology

  • Loss prevention software

  • Pen testing

  • Endpoint protection

  • Network patching

  • Malware identification

The CDW Difference

CDW’s established expertise in the retail industry gives us the ability to pull together the right solution for each business, using our suite of end-to-end strategic partners. Our solution architects can design multicomponent systems that keep stores as safe and secure as possible, able to meet the changing needs of the retail industry. 

With a dedicated team and access to a variety of scalable, tailor-made software and hardware solutions, CDW helps build a shield around retailers’ networks, protecting customers, employees, and the business bottom line. CDW are also on hand, should security incidents occur, through a centralised helpdesk, providing support beyond the purchasing process.

  • 360 Degrees Of Expertise

    Our highly accredited teams work side-by-side with our Retail Partner Community covering everything from project planning to technical support.

  • Round-The-Clock Support

    24/7 multilingual ServiceDesk support staffed by over 350 professionals, with over 100 field engineers and a Service Operations Centre.

  • National Distribution Centre

    Delivery to 98% of UK within 4.5 hours via 120,000sqft facility, shipping over 3.5 million items to over 170 countries each year.

Retail Case Studies

CDW technician help set up robust cloud operation for business flexibility.

Premier Foods

Premier Foods boosts flexibility after CDW orchestrates migration to AWS Public Cloud.

The Midcounties Co-operative

The Midcounties Co-operative modernise the way they work with help from CDW.
Estee Lauder

The Estee Lauder Companies

The Estee Lauder Companies chose CDW as a partner with the Apple expertise to consolidate the supply of devices.

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