Cloud-first Future

Modern-day retailers know that the most effective way of storing customer data is through the cloud. Still, the process of migrating data over from on-premises computing infrastructure, and transforming raw data into rich customer insights, can be complex and time-consuming.  

With businesses focusing on mirroring digital retail by personalising and removing friction from their customer experiences, cloud can be the key to crafting more tailored shopping journeys through rich insights extracted from data. 

48 %

of people prefer retailers to personalise the shopping experience to each individual.

31 Bn

The market for cloud computing in retail grew from $27 billion in 2022 to $31 billion in 2023.

60 %

of retailers believe that AI will bring more efficiency in the supply chain.

The Journey To The Retail Cloud

The Need For Flexibility

Any systems used to store retail data must be able to flex to suit the organisation’s needs, including changes in bandwidth as supply and demand shifts, and evolving access controls. Cloud systems should also be able to keep retailers in compliance with standards like the PCI DSS.

Cloud Complexity

While many retailers are aware that cloud migration is the simpler and most effective option for their business, many are put off by initial costs, perceived complexity, and the security risks that may arise from storing data in the cloud.

Using Data Effectively

Retailers also need to be able to take customer data and transform it into actionable business insights, allowing them to personalise each journey to purchase. And they need to be able to make these changes as quickly as possible to react to trends as they emerge.

How We Help

  • Embrace Digital Transformation

    Cloud is a key pillar of digital transformation. Storing customer data in the cloud keeps one of the most valuable assets for retailers – customer information – in one safe, remote, and accessible place, breaking down silos and enabling retailers to be more innovative and implement emerging technologies like AI and ML.

  • Data Analytics

    Retailers can scale and flex to respond to rapidly changing markets by using customer data to build actionable insights. Using web data and other store feeds, data analytics can provide personalised offers and inventory to customers, streamlining the purchasing process. Data analytics can also be used to redeploy staff where needed, tailor rotas around shopping peaks, and ultimately optimise store operations.

  • Reduce Operational Costs

    Cloud systems represent a significant cost saving over traditional infrastructure, reducing the upfront financial hurdle for retailers and turning OPEX into recurring, predictable CAPEX. With CDW’s cloud solutions, retailers can bypass traditional complexity to build agile, cost-effective, and scalable infrastructure.

  • Converge Physical and Digital

    By using cloud technology to enable solutions like self-service or even checkout-free payments, retailers can mirror the speed and simplicity of digital shopping, improving customer engagement and loyalty.

Explore Our Solutions & Services

  • Image processing data

  • Computer vision and smart data capture

  • Kiosk

  • Self-service

  • IoT and sensor technology

  • Inventory tracking

  • Pop-up stores

The CDW Difference

Our deep knowledge of both the retail and technology sectors allows CDW to tailor cloud solutions to each business’ unique requirements, with our industry leading hybrid and multi-cloud architects empowering retailers with cloud-native best practices. We are vendor-agnostic and highly consultative, with solutions offered to over 170 countries.

The CDW team have invaluable experience converting consumer data into insights you can action immediately, offering full-service cloud implementation. By reducing long-term costs and enabling accelerated innovation, CDW can guide your retail business into a cloud-first future.

  • 360 Degrees Of Expertise

    Our highly accredited teams work side-by-side with our Retail Partner Community covering everything from project planning to technical support.

  • Round-The-Clock Support

    24/7 multilingual ServiceDesk support staffed by over 350 professionals, with over 100 field engineers and a Service Operations Centre.

  • National Distribution Centre

    Delivery to 98% of UK within 4.5 hours via 120,000sqft facility, shipping over 3.5 million items to over 170 countries each year.

Retail Case Studies

CDW technician help set up robust cloud operation for business flexibility.

Premier Foods

Premier Foods boosts flexibility after CDW orchestrates migration to AWS Public Cloud.

The Midcounties Co-operative

The Midcounties Co-operative modernise the way they work with help from CDW.
Estee Lauder

The Estee Lauder Companies

The Estee Lauder Companies chose CDW as a partner with the Apple expertise to consolidate the supply of devices.

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Stay ahead of the competition and drive success in your retail business by leveraging our deep industry knowledge and innovative technologies. By reducing long-term costs and enabling accelerated innovation, CDW can guide your retail business into a cloud-first future.

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