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In today’s global marketplace an efficient supply chain is essential.

The challenge of planning, deployment, and logistics can distract IT teams from delivering maximum value. Our comprehensive supply chain services ensure your IT estate is handled seamlessly, covering tailored procurement solutions, stock holding and stock management, Bill and hold solutions, device configuration services, best-in-breed domestic delivery services, and complex international logistics.

Our National Distribution Centre (NDC) delivers to 98% of the UK within 4.5 hours, and we ship in excess of 3.5 million items annually to over 170 countries worldwide. Our CDW Configuration Centre is at the heart of the NDC. Our highly accredited teams provide everything, from planning to technical support.

Supply Chain Challenges Inhibit IT Efficiency


Equipment configuration

On-site configuration of new hardware and software is time-consuming, preventing your IT team from focusing on adding value to your business.


Lifecycle Management of devices

Procuring, securing and deploying a whole host of all IT devices, desktop PCs, tablets, and laptops takes valuable resources. End-of-life issues, such as data wiping and asset disposal, also take valuable resources.


Software Portfolio Challenges

Managing software, from usage to licensing compliance, license costs and differing user demands, across a complex software portfolio is time consuming and resource draining, and can jeopardise your provision of services.

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Maximising supplier relationships through continuous evaluation and planning is crucial for providing industry-leading integrated technology solutions. However, managing multiple supplier relationships can be a time-consuming and often inefficient process.

That's why our dedicated Supplier Management team and Supplier Conformance team are here to streamline this process, ensuring that we maintain strong connections with our suppliers while optimising cost-effectiveness. By proactively assessing and planning, we are able to consistently deliver the best possible outcomes for our customers.


Our comprehensive supply chain services and solutions ensure your IT estate is run efficiently and productively.

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Relieve your IT team from setting up new equipment, for greater operational efficiency internally.
UK National Distribution Centre

National Distribution Centre

CDW's National Distribution Centre provides you with supply chain flexibility and responsiveness, ensuring you keep running efficiently and cost-effectively.
CDW international logistics operations

International Logistics

Managing international logistics is a complex business. CDW is experienced in supplying and supporting expanding organisations and established multinationals.
CDW procurement team working with businesses.


Consolidate suppliers, secure competitive commercial rates and improve operational efficiency with CDW's Procurement Solutions.
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If you're responsible for selecting, configuring, deploying, supporting, maintaining, recycling or upgrading devices, Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) can make your job much easier.
CDW National Distribution Centre

Payment Solutions

Payment solutions and equipment leasing lets you acquire the latest hardware, software, and support licences at a manageable cost while remaining flexible as your technology needs grow over time.
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Software Asset Management

Our portfolio of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions and independent approach to provisioning SAM services provides complete management and peace of mind for your software estate.


With our global supply chain and an impressive array of the highest level of partner accreditations, CDW delivers integrated technology solutions to its customers in a holistically efficient way. Still, our outcome-based approach is always tailored specifically to your needs.


    Your business requirements

  • Procure and Configure

    Hardware and software

  • Deliver and Deploy

    Hardware, Software, Solutions and Services

  • Monitor, Manage and Maintain

    All assets across your IT estate

The CDW Difference in Supply Chain

CDW operates in a highly consultative and vendor-agnostic manner, shaping integrated technology solutions to your requirements. Our difference in delivering these solutions to you covers tailored procurement solutions through to complex international logistics.



    CDW supplies hardware and software solutions and services to over 170 countries, managing procurement, international customs, and delivery of configured devices.

  • National Distribution Centre

    CDW's National Distribution Centre (NDC), provides you with the flexibility and responsiveness that you need to manage your business’ technology requirements.

  • IT Payment Solutions

    CDW specialises in the development and implementation of IT leasing solutions, ensuring private and public sector customers get maximum value from their investments.


For over 30 years, we have established strong relationships with industry-leading brands and carefully selected emerging technology providers to deliver solutions that drive value for customers around the globe.

IT Solutions & Services

Our integrated technology solutions experts ensure your productive use of technology by getting to know your organisation, understanding your evolving needs, and advising you on the solutions right for you.

CDW technician reviewing servers so cloud services stay operational.

Hybrid Platforms

Connecting and delivering secure application ready platforms that ensure business continuity and efficiency.
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Modern Workspace

Achieve your goals through the creation of collaborative, dynamic environments that nurture creativity, inclusion, and inspiration.
Cyber Security Solutions CDW UK


Ensure the resilience of your whole IT estate with a full stack cyber security and compliance framework to reduce risk to your business.
Digital Enablement Summary

Digital Enablement

Transform business and IT processes, enhancing information sharing and orchestrate workflows to drive value.


At CDW, we're focussed on finding the right solution to your supply chain challenges. If you would like greater flexibility and reliability around your IT stock, please get in touch.