Pre-Configured To Your Business Needs

CDW's industry-leading 30,000 sq. ft Configuration Centre is at the heart of the NDC.

We have a range of pre-delivery configuration services to help ensure that upon arrival, your hardware and software is ready to use, and your team can be productive almost immediately, freeing up your IT department and significantly reducing project delivery timelines.

Supply Chain Challenges

It’s important that the people who manage your customers' configuration have experience and knowledge of the task at hand. If they don’t, it’s easy to fall off schedule, leading to loss of revenue and productivity.


Time Constraints

In-house IT staff are less likely to have the experience necessary for a configuration project, resulting in slower, less efficient deployments. Plus, configuration takes time away from higher-level projects. Let the experts, with the infrastructure to match, do the work.


Financial Challenges

It’s not uncommon for new technology to arrive with issues that need to be resolved. When replacing problematic equipment, the shipping costs alone can become a serious budgetary concern. We deal with the DOA equipment quickly behind the scenes, and in the majority of cases with zero delays.


Multi-site Issues

Businesses with multiple locations and an international reach have to either send their configuration team to each of their sites or re-ship their devices to secondary locations after configuring them in-house. Both options have financial and logistical implications.

Business Outcomes You Can Expect

Our comprehensive IT configuration services ensure that upon arrival, your hardware and software is ready to use.

Streamlined Configuration

IT asset management and installation delays users who just want to plug in and get to work. Our Configuration Centre helps ensure that new hardware and software supports, rather than hinders, your team. Pre-delivery configuration of your devices at our Configuration Centre enhances your business agility, ensuring equipment arriving at your sites is ready for users to start working with.

Equipment Delivered To The Highest Standard

CDW's team of Consulting and Transition Technicians can work with you to design, test, and implement the right solutions for your organisation.

  • Peer-review process: any job completed within the Configuration Centre is quality checked by another technician from the team.
  • Our Configuration Centre allows you to run comprehensive testing programmes on critical data centre or infrastructure equipment prior to shipping.
  • For very specific operational requirements, our consultant technicians create a tailored build process, allowing us to configure to your precise needs.

CDW Configuration Services

  • Network and storage device upgrade and configuration

  • Laser etching

  • Remote connectivity

  • Rack building and pre-staging

  • Device imaging using hosted deployment solutions

  • Secure VPN hosting

  • Domain join options

  • Standalone device imaging

  • Server virtualisation & OS installation

  • EPOS configuration

  • Digital signage

  • Mobile device configuration

  • Bespoke labelling

  • Asset tagging, including tag creation

  • Touchscreen ordering devices

  • Consultant-led transition & ongoing support

The CDW Difference in Supply Chain

CDW operates in a highly consultative and vendor agnostic manner, shaping integrated technology solutions to your requirements. Our difference in delivering these solutions to you covers tailored procurement solutions through to complex international logistics.


  • Pre-Delivery Configuration

    CDW's Configuration Services, based in the heart of the National Distribution Centre, relieves your IT team from setting up new equipment, for greater operational efficiency internally.

  • National Distribution Centre

    CDW's National Distribution Centre (NDC) provides you with the flexibility and responsiveness that you need to manage your business’ technology requirements.

  • International Logistics

    CDW supplies hardware and software solutions and services to over 170 countries, managing procurement, international customs, and delivery of configured devices.

Ensuring Success Through Strategic Partnerships

For over 30 years, we have established strong relationships with industry-leading brands and carefully selected emerging technology providers to deliver solutions that drive value for customers around the globe.

CDW NDC Summary

National Distribution Centre

CDW's National Distribution Centre provides you with supply chain flexibility and responsiveness, ensuring you keep running efficiently and cost-effectively.
CDW International Logistics Summary

International Logistics

Managing international logistics is a complex business. CDW is experienced in supplying and supporting expanding organisations and established multinationals.
CDW Procurement Summary


Consolidate suppliers, secure competitive commercial rates and improve operational efficiency with CDW's Procurement Solutions.
CDW Eprocurement Summary

eProcurement Services

eProcurement Services simplify and ensure compliance with your purchasing processes.
Buyers being shown Microsoft Tech equipment at a tech exhibition


If you're responsible for selecting, configuring, deploying, supporting, maintaining, recycling or upgrading devices, Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) can make your job much easier.
CDW Payment Solutions Summary

Payment Solutions

Payment solutions and equipment leasing lets you acquire the latest hardware, software, and support licences at a manageable cost while remaining flexible as your technology needs grow over time.
CDW Software Asset Management Summary

Software Asset Management

Our portfolio of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions and independent approach to provisioning SAM services provides complete management and peace of mind for your software estate.

Get in Touch with our Config Team

At CDW, we're focused on helping every customer get more value from their IT. If you would like to find out how we can improve the efficiency of your IT processes and supply chain, and start benefiting from our pre-configuration services, then please get in touch.