Digital Signage

Digital signage embedded with the latest AI and analytical tools helps retailers learn more about their customers, where they go in store, and what messages work best.


Improve Brand

Increase brand recall and awareness


Increase Sales

kiosks in fast food restaurants have been known to increase order size by up to 30%


Increase Promotions

Deliver more successful product promotions

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are rapidly replacing static menus in a variety of destinations from restaurants to cinemas. They offer the retailers the opportunity to display much more detailed information than just a menu. They also allow the hosting of a lot of additional promotional information using UHD graphics that really make an impression. 

  • Updates to pricing or other content can be made in real-time

  • Digital signage encourages up sell and cross sell, increasing revenues

  • High quality graphics and video can be controlled remotely

  • Menu boards can be tailored to deliver appealing offers to customers across a wide network and centrally managed in a single location

Digital Out Of Home Advertising

Out of Home advertising powered by digital signage allows promoters to hit the right target audience at the right time. By their dynamic nature with DOOH every screen becomes addressable, accountable, and attributable.



Combining digital signage with analytics enables advertisers to target the right audience with the right message



Intel® technologies support the latest AI enabled capabilities to Out of Home signage



Hardware enabled security features are built into Intel technologies

Smart Shelves

Smart Shelves enable shoppers to view the latest pricing and product information and allow retailers to optimise their pricing dynamically. With electronic shelf information powered by high definition video additional information can be delivered in real time. Add Anonymous Viewer Analytics and retailers can determine a customer’s gender and age brackets, allowing targeted messaging for those segments in real-time.


Intel® Technologies for Digital Signage

Intel Core Processors deliver high compute and graphics performance for digital signage. Digital signage with vPro® Technology delivers capabilities that transform computing end points into trustworthy and well maintained productivity tools. With Intel® Active Management technology IT teams can remotely manage digital signage, helping improve security and energy efficiency.

Intel vPro® is built for business and comprises of building blocks for business class computing. The platform delivers a unique combination of performance, hardware-enhanced security, manageability, and stability features to provide what IT needs and users want - do more, save time, and lower costs. More about vPro here.

Why CDW?

CDW is an Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance Specialist. Intel Specialists are selected for their market leadership, strong reputation, and extensive domain expertise.

Business success starts with successful partnerships, and with CDW’s global reach we are one of Intel’s leading partners. CDW and Intel offer in-house expertise with a range of technology solutions to support enterprises in their digital transformation journey.

We have an international presence in both the private and public sector IT, and combined with our global supply chain, we’re able to deliver specialised products and services to organisations across more than 150 countries. Building IT solutions that generate results is what we do.

  • Expert Knowledge

    When you choose CDW, you’re choosing a name with deep understanding of not just IT but Intel. Our expertise allows us to design, implement, and manage the right solution for your unique requirements.

  • Innovation

    Intel is at the cutting edge of technological innovation. Their visual specialists are pushing boundaries and taking the next steps into the future of IT technology and solutions.

  • International Support

    With a global supply chain, we’re able to deliver products and services to customers throughout more than 170 countries. It’s how we maintain such a strong international presence in both public and private sector IT.

Related Solutions

As a leading Intel partner, we combine in-house expertise with a range of technology solutions to support your digital transformation.

CDW And Intel Cloud Service Summary

Intel Unite Cloud Service

The Intel Unite® Solution is available as a cloud option, with the same features as the on-premise solution but offering a high grade, cost effective enterprise-quality collaboration. Meetings are more secure with wireless content sharing for meeting rooms, remote users and guests.
Intel's Innovation Zone

Intel's Innovation Zone

As an Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance Visual Retail Specialist, CDW can help you modernise your retail environment and prepare for the future in a world increasing reliant on the Internet of Things.
CDW And Intel Optane Summary

Intel Optane™ for SQL Database Server

Intel® Optane™ SSD Non-Volatile Memory is the perfect solution for delivering on your SQL database server requirements. By combining the attributes of memory and storage your organisation is able to reduce bottlenecks and improve performance.
CDW And Active Management Summary

Intel Active Management Technology

Intel® Active Management Technology enables IT managers to discover, repair, and help protect networked computing assets.
Intel Iot Retail Solutions

Intel IoT Retail Solutions

The era of retail digital transformation is powered by analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).
Intel Fleet Management Solutions Summary

Intel Fleet Management Solutions

From Edge to Cloud, Intel Powers the Transportation Systems of the Future.
CDW And Intel Vpro Platform Summary

Intel vPro Platform

Developed with IT heroes in mind, Intel vPro® Enterprise for Windows, powered by the 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, is tuned and tested for demanding business workloads.

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Intel’s Solutions are completely end-to-end adaptable, affordable, and tested. Combined with CDW’s expertise, these solutions are ready to implement into any marketplace. The solutions can help to modernise business environments and prepare for the future in a world increasingly reliant on the Internet of Things.

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