The built-for-business the Intel 10th Generation vPro® platform delivers a unique combination of performance, hardware-enhanced security, manageability, and stability features to provide what IT needs and users want. Do more, save time, and lower costs.*


The Intel vPro platform offers a strong response to the threats posed by increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity hackers through a proactive, hardware-based defence. Attacks against organisations are rising sharply in both number and variety, with an increase in firmware exploits targeting the surface below the operating system.

Intel vPro technology helps enable a security strategy built on hardware. Cyber criminals often target devices on levels below the operating system, where they can do damage and cover their tracks beyond the visibility of anti-malware applications. The Intel vPro platform addresses these threats through a new security technology called Intel Hardware Shield, which extends security to the BIOS and firmware layer. This hardware-based technology helps reduce the risk that a bug or vulnerability in firmware (or device drivers) could be used to inject malicious code into the platform at runtime and hide that code from traditional antivirus solutions.

Manageability - Your no-compromise solution

The Intel vPro® platform supports the needs of modern business—from mixed-device management to improved device security. It offers businesses the performance, manageability, built-in security features, and stability of Intel® architecture while aligning with a future-proof road map. The platform is optimised for managed IT environments and enables application of corporate policies. Best of all, the Intel vPro platform is continually evolving based on the real-world needs of employees, IT, and business decision makers. It provides a scalable, reliable foundation for the future, and allows you to focus on your other strategic priorities.

Validated platforms

The Intel vPro platform delivers the latest PC platform technologies in one integrated and validated solution, giving IT the stability and reliability of a true business-class device. As part of the Intel® Stable IT Platform Program (Intel® SIPP), the Intel vPro platform features extensive validation that aims for no hardware changes throughout the buying cycle, for up to 15 months or until the next generational release, enabling smoother fleet management and business continuity. Intel works closely with device manufacturers to ensure PCs have met rigorous criteria and testing requirements for a comprehensive list of components, including processors, graphics, chipsets, and networking to deliver outstanding quality, reliability, and compatibility that reduces the burden on IT.

Boost productivity

The Intel vPro platform delivers business-class performance to power productivity, analyse data fast, simplify connectivity, and extend battery life.  A 2019 study by Forrester Consulting commissioned by Intel found that 81% of IT managers surveyed reported improved user productivity by deploying new Intel vPro platform-based devices. With new PCs powered by the Intel vPro platform, IT and users reap the full benefits of the platform with the headroom to meet the demands of business workloads.

Cost savings

Intel commissioned Forrester Consulting② to conduct a Total Economic impact study to assess the ROI enterprises that deployed Intel vPro platform were achieving, this found

  • IT Security remediation cost saving of $1.2million
  • Improved end use productivity $1.3milllion
  • Reduced security risk $211k
  • Faster patch installations $82k

More details can be found in the report below

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Intel vPro® Platform, Built for Business