Our wide range of technical expertise enables us to support our clients from store to data centre, looking at the full spectrum of technology needed to deliver a successful innovation project and create an end-to-end solution. Our experts help retail organisations to navigate complexity across the wide range of systems, services and partners available.

We can share our experience and help our customers prioritise their goals and identify the best technological investments to help achieve them. Whether the aim is operational cost reduction, increased footfall in brick-and-mortar stores, increased cart size, improved brand awareness or simply working more sustainably and smartly, CDW can identify the best solutions, tailored to you.

Key Challenges

Driving footfall into bricks and mortar stores in an increasingly online world
Creating immersive customer experiences in-store and online
Developing omnichannel experience – integration between online and instore
Inventory accuracy to enable stock availability and provide better service
Reducing operational costs and increasing revenue while being greener and smarter

Technology Solutions & Services

Technology Solutions

We can provide comprehensive data management projects, ensuring the critical security requirements of entire infrastructures.

CDW provides the right IT solutions for you. Data centre solutions, software solutions, hardware solutions, networking solutions, security solutions and more are shared by experts, who are ready to meet your needs.

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Our technology services solve your unique challenges and let you capitalise on new opportunities.

From roadmaps and adoption to project deployment and lifecycle management, CDW brings years of experience to help you design, orchestrate and manage your technology environments, today and into the future.

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Supply Chain

For the public sector, an efficient supply chain is essential. Organisations require collaborative, agile supply chains, capable of rapid yet cost-effective services.

The challenge of planning, deployment and logistics can distract IT teams from delivering maximum value. At CDW, our comprehensive supply chain services ensure your IT estate is run efficiently and productively, covering tailored procurement solutions through to complex international logistics.

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Business Outcomes

Retail Technology Solutions

Retailers who are deploying innovative retail technology solutions including Kiosk, Self Service, POS, RFID, IOT and sensor technology, as well as improving their data management strategies, are improving customer engagement and loyalty. CDW’s dedicated retail team can help boost your bottom line and prepare for the future of retail.

Retail IT Security

Cyber threats, data breaches and privacy vulnerabilities are a reality for retailers. CDW has in-depth knowledge of effective cyber security techniques, such as network segmentation, penetration testing, endpoint protection, network patching and malware identification.


Mobile devices and mobile point of sale (mPOS) devices allow for increased operational efficiency across the showroom floor and well into the back of house. With mPOS, your staff can view and manage inventory across the supply chain and give customers smoother checkout process.

Visual Solutions

Digital signage solutions and kiosks are more than attention grabbing screens - digital signage, self-serve kiosks and visual software solutions allow retailers to connect and engage directly with customers and collect valuable data. Retail organisations can also leverage durable digital signage screens outdoors to keep messaging fresh.

Factory & Distribution Centre

We can design inventory management solutions that mean you can fully track your products through the logistics chain from production to stores. This gives you greater visibility of availability and allows for just-in-time replenishment.


CDW can help you gather retail analytics from web data and other store feeds, allowing you to provide personalised offers and flexibility for customers shopping on the web and via web apps. This also allows you to gain near-real-time insights on what is popular within your brand and stores for better targeting and forecasting.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

We can help you build innovative customer experiences to keep your customers engaged with the brand and the location. By securing the customer in-store with true omni-channel solutions, CDW can work with you to ensure brand loyalty and retained spend.

Pop-Up Stores

Our dynamic point-of-sale solutions give you a quick, scalable point of sale that requires little set up, but provides the same experience as going to a full retail store. Your customers will receive great service, no matter the location.

Head Office

CDW can implement true collaboration and mobile working solutions, allowing users to remain productive and work together on daily tasks, whether they are located in your head office or out visiting stores or other facilities.

How We Can Help

Find out more about our comprehensive range of technology solutions and services for the retail sector. Simply email retailsales@uk.cdw.com, call +44 207 791 6000 or contact your nearest CDW office.