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Intel Specialists are selected for their market leadership, strong reputation, and extensive domain expertise.  Intel teams with its Visual Retail Specialists to deliver advanced solutions based on the latest technologies, such as computer vision and artificial intelligence, that ultimately enable retailers to achieve greater efficiency, reduce complexity, increase sales, and offer a more personalised customer experience.  

Intel delivers power-efficient performance and intelligence optimised for exciting new use cases at the edge of retail, like artificial intelligence, video analysis of inventory, or interactive digital signage. With vision technology and deep learning capabilities at the device and gateway level, retailers can recognise loyalty customers in the store, “see” inventory on shelves, or perform other intelligent tasks.

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Intel's built-in baseline suite of security capabilities help to implement a consistent security model that protects against a wide range of threats. With broad connectivity support, Intel streamlines data sharing between devices and the cloud. And because Intel products are designed for high reliability and a long lifetime, you can count on support for years to come. Intel's innovative technology powers the infrastructure required to install, manage, and maintain a wide variety of Smart Retail solutions.

To help you visualise these advanced solutions Intel has created an Innovation Zone. Located in the heart of London in Canary Wharf, it is one of only six worldwide. The dedicated space showcases Intel based solutions from the edge to the data centre that feature AI built into the fabric to help organisations deliver insights to aid business decisions.

Our Approach

Customers that visit the Innovation Zone will view a range of solutions designed to enhance the customer experience. Visitors get the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the most current technology advances while CDW and Intel hosts explain how these advances can streamline processes, create a high quality customer experience, and help IT professionals.

  • Before you start your Innovation Zone experience CDW will work with to understand your needs with a pre-qualifying call.

  • We will then invite you to join us in the Intel Innovation Zone where you will meet our experts who can share the vision for the future state of industry and customer best practice.

  • We will guide you through a consultative and collaborative journey through several innovative zones which showcase Intel Technologies to showcase the art of the possible.

  • Following your experience, we will continue to share insights from other companies and industry best practice to help you assess whether any of these technologies are suitable for your application.

Why CDW?

CDW is an Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance Specialist. Intel Specialists are selected for their market leadership, strong reputation, and extensive domain expertise.

Business success starts with successful partnerships, and with CDW’s global reach, we are one of Intel’s leading partners. CDW and Intel offer in-house expertise with a range of technology solutions to support enterprises in their digital transformation journey.

We have an international presence in both the private and public sector IT, and combined with our global supply chain, we’re able to deliver specialised products and services to organisations across more than 150 countries. Building IT solutions that generate results is what we do.

  • Expert Knowledge

    When you choose CDW, you’re choosing a name with deep understanding of not just IT but Intel. Our expertise allows us to design, implement, and manage the right solution for your unique requirements.

  • Innovation

    Intel is at the cutting-edge of technological innovation. Their visual specialists are pushing boundaries and taking the next steps into the future of IT technology and solutions.

  • International Support

    With a global supply chain, we’re able to deliver products and services to customers throughout more than 170 countries. It’s how we maintain such a strong international presence in both public and private sector IT.

Related Solutions

As a leading Intel partner, we combine in-house expertise with a range of technology solutions to support your digital transformation.

CDW And Intel Cloud Service Summary

Intel Unite Cloud Service

The Intel Unite® Solution is available as a cloud option, with the same features as the on-premise solution but offering a high grade, cost effective enterprise-quality collaboration. Meetings are more secure with wireless content sharing for meeting rooms, remote users and guests.
CDW And Intel Optane Summary

Intel Optane™ for SQL Database Server

Intel® Optane™ SSD Non-Volatile Memory is the perfect solution for delivering on your SQL database server requirements. By combining the attributes of memory and storage your organisation is able to reduce bottlenecks and improve performance.
CDW And Active Management Summary

Intel Active Management Technology

Intel® Active Management Technology enables IT managers to discover, repair, and help protect networked computing assets.
CDW And Intel Digital Signage Summary

Intel Digital Signage

Digital signage embedded with the latest AI and analytical tools help Retailers learn more about their customers, where they go in store, and what messages work best.
Intel Iot Retail Solutions

Intel IoT Retail Solutions

The era of retail digital transformation is powered by analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).
Intel Fleet Management Solutions Summary

Intel Fleet Management Solutions

From Edge to Cloud, Intel Powers the Transportation Systems of the Future.
CDW And Intel Vpro Platform Summary

Intel vPro Platform

Developed with IT heroes in mind, Intel vPro® Enterprise for Windows, powered by the 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, is tuned and tested for demanding business workloads.

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