Cisco and CDW


As a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, CDW has achieved the highest level of credibility and the broadest range of expertise across Cisco's four architectures – Collaboration, Enterprise Networks, Data Centre, and Security.

We integrate the deepest level of Cisco Lifecycle Services and expertise into our offerings, and demonstrate a measurably high level of customer satisfaction.


Technology Solutions

Cisco Collaboration Architecture Specialisation

As a specialised partner, we help customers look at how collaboration can help define the employee of the future, allowing a secure platform to work anywhere on any device. By doing this, we help drive adoption of new mobility tools such as Webex Teams and their integration to optimise the Cisco experience.

Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialisation

The Cisco Enterprise Network Architecture specialisation allows us to drive everything from a simple network addition to building the wireless office of the future to maximise employee and asset productivity.

Whether you choose a traditional on-premise solution using Cisco DNA, a software-defined network utilising Cisco SD-WAN, or a cloud-managed architecture with Meraki, CDW can help install, configure and deploy to maximise your investment to enable you to achieve your business outcomes.

Data Centre Architecture Specialisation 

The Cisco Data Centre Architecture Specialisation endorses CDW's ability to support a highly mobile workforce proliferation of devices as well as data-driven business models, and be capable of seamlessly incorporating cloud applications and services.

Whether it be a data centre refresh, enabling Application Performance Management with AppDynamics, or making the switch to hyperconverged infrastructure using Hyperflex and Intersight, CDW is best placed to advise on the right journey based on your desired outcomes.

Cisco Security Architecture Specialisation

CDW offers a holistic approach to cybersecurity, enacting layers of protection from network security to the cloud and from endpoint to the user. We are able to integrate Cisco security at every step, making sure you are doing everything possible to remain protected and compliant.

Our Cisco Security Practice will advise on the best layered Cisco security approach to protect against the ever-changing landscape, be able to look at multiple threat trajectories, and have the best ways to protect using technology from Cisco.

Software Enterprise Agreements 

As Cisco transition to a software organisation, we are moving with them on that journey. Building on our knowledge of different partners' enterprise agreements (EA), CDW has proved a valuable resource in educating Cisco of the benefits of these agreements. We have worked with numerous customers to assess the Cisco Software estate and to look at how to consolidate licences using an EA, helping to reduce administration overheads. We have all EA specialisations so, regardless of your needs, our solutions architects can help.

Cisco Lifecycle Services

At CDW, we have integrated the deepest level of Cisco Lifecycle Services expertise into our offerings. Using our adoption services with our customer success managers, we can return measurably high levels of customer satisfaction, helping organisations to capitalise on the value of their investment using the finest Cisco technology.