"What we need for the future of meeting rooms is contactless meeting rooms. We don't want big glass panels in the middle of the table that everybody walks in and starts touching and gets all of their bare hands all over."

Matt Roberts
Practice Lead – Workspace Solutions, CDW.

Equip Your Workforce With Smart Meeting Rooms


Use the App  to book a meeting room. Once the room is reserved you will receive an email confirmation containing a QR code.


Check in at the time of the meeting via the app or on the screen at the door and enter the meeting room.


Hold your phone with the QR code up to the camera to activate the collaboration solution and join the meeting. 


You can use the camera to display an on-screen alert, or voice prompts warning the occupants the room is above capacity.


Alert meeting organisers the whiteboard hasn’t been wiped clean, ensuring no sensitive information is left behind.


Alert facilities / admin to restock markers, add or remove chairs in rooms, etc. in preparation for the next meeting.

The Changing Nature of Work

46% of respondents at organisations are intending to implement remote or hybrid working. For these strategies to be successful, IT decision-makers will need the support of their organisation’s leadership.

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