Improve workplace collaboration

In the new hybrid work environment, office design and conference room standards have shifted and so have technology needs along with it. While many businesses may have needed to make quick decisions about video conferencing, instant messaging, and other collaboration technology when the pandemic first hit, this is now the time to re-evaluate. The latest hybrid technology offerings present an opportunity to make the new work experience better than before.

​Taking the time to think about hybrid meeting facilitation from a more granular perspective is just as important as bigger picture decisions when it comes to current work environments. Investing in hybrid collaboration technology at a high-level and taking the time to optimise individual meetings will ensure that your employees remain engaged and supported. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing talent and needing to conduct a costly candidate search.

With the right applications, your employees are empowered to work productively through virtual desktops, communication software and collaboration both virtually and in-office. Ensuring that these employees are in a secure environment and can get these programmes easily is a challenge that every organisation will face as they prepare for their future of work.

The Changing Nature of Work

46% of respondents at organisations are intending to implement remote or hybrid working. For these strategies to be successful, IT decision-makers will need the support of their organisation’s leadership.

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