Emerging IT trends can change the way you do business. But there's not always room in the budget for a large-scale upgrade, and the technologies you choose to invest in may be obsolete in just a few years. You need to find the right balance between the technology you need and your bottom line.

Equipment leasing and payment solutions lets you acquire the latest hardware and software at a manageable cost while remaining flexible as your technology needs grow over time. CDW gives organisations the option to lease or have payment plans for virtually any IT product, from computers and telephony equipment to software and servers, at rates and terms that work for you.


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About IT Payment Solutions

CDW Leasing FAQ
CDW Leasing FAQ

Browse our frequently asked questions about CDW Leasing Services to learn more about our computer and IT equipment leasing offerings.

Top 10 Advantages of Leasing
Why Lease IT Equipment?

Are you looking to slim down your IT budget or scale up quickly on few resources? Read the Top 10 Advantages of Leasing to see how you can save.

Why CDW for IT Payment Solutions

We Get Payment Solutions

CDW can deliver local and global solutions to you by collaborating with our international partners and specialist finance providers. You will receive a best-in-class service packed full of comprehensive options to meet your optimum return of investment and deliver the lowest cost on ownership for the latest technology.

Protect Against Advancing Technology

With CDW Payment Solutions, you have the options to deliver global procurement and to add on or upgrade during lease terms. At the end of a lease, you can choose to return, upgrade to the latest equipment, or purchase the equipment.

Make Predictable Payments

CDW Payment Solutions allows you to make payments over time rather than investing a lump sum up front. Payments can be tailored to budget levels and may be tax-deductible. You can often lower the running costs of technology by opting for monthly, quarterly, and/or annually payment frequencies.

Lower Your Upfront IT Costs

Taking advantage of payment solutions can reduce upfront costs to reduce impact on your cash flow. It also preserves working capital and existing credit lines, freeing up cash for other expenses.

Get Flexible Pay Structures

We offer 100% financing with no-money-down payment structures that match cash flows or business cycles, and a variety of end-of-lease options.

We Get Payment Solution For Everything

Whether your requirement is for equipment, software only, or for a mix of technologies, CDW has payment solutions to support a wide range of customer requirements and promote the circular economy.

Service Highlights

 How We Can Help You

  • Leases
  • Payment Plans
  • Extended Payment Terms
  • DaaS / Managed Services
  • Deferments / Structured Plans
  • Interest-Free Options
  • Residual Value Options
  • Vendor Schemes & Promotions
  • Tenders, RFIs & RFPs
  • Corporate & Public Sectors

 What Can Be Financed

  • Hardware & Software
  • Third-Party Support Maintenance
  • Sale & Lease Back
  • Asset Buy Back
  • VAT-Inclusive Funding
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Lifecycle Management / Asset Recovery
  • Data Wiping

Meet Our Partners

At CDW, we focus on providing the best payment solutions in the industry - not simply the latest solutions from a single provider. We work with top technology equipment leasing and financing companies to facilitate payment terms that best fit your unique needs and budget requirements. Depending on your technology needs, we can secure a payment plan with maximised options and terms.

Apple Financial Services (AFS) offers a full range of flexible payment solutions to support all Apple products and your business needs. Apple products hold a high residual value compared to other brands. This allows customers to take advance of lower cost of ownership and best-in-class refresh options. AFS simplifies the purchasing process and can include all Apple hardware, software and services in one plan. AFS provides unique structures customised for CDW customers, including deferred payments, variable structures and more.

Financing through Cisco Capital can help you address your business's critical needs. Focus on your key business objectives such as increasing productivity, maintaining profitability and improving competitiveness through innovation. Cisco links seamlessly to deliver market-leading payment solutions. Cisco will also support plans for all Cisco solutions.

Dell Financial Services (DFS), part of the Dell Technologies family, is a global provider of innovative payment and consumption solutions. DFS can finance any hardware, software and services solutions, allowing customers to choose how they want to consume their technology. DFS delivers end-to-end solutions across Dell Technologies, channel partners and distributors in more than 50 countries.

HPE Financial Services (HPEFS) and CDW can provide IT investment solutions and consumption models to help increase your investment capacity and flexibility. We'll help you overcome overstretched IT budgets and gain greater agility to handle multiple priorities. HPEFS can also provide your business with a global financial service. They work with you to promote a circular economy, and have extensive services to support end-of-life asset management and equipment buy-backs.

CHG-Meridian is an independent specialist in technology solutions and asset finance for IT, Healthcare and Industrial equipment. For over 40 years, CHG-Meridian has been helping customers save both time and money by providing them with customised financial solutions for their technology assets, and to support them in managing their technology lifecycle.

Lenovo Financial Services

Lenovo Financial Services offers financing solutions that complement your IT acquisitions and help alleviate the headaches and uncertainties associated with equipment ownership and disposal - so you can focus on utilising your technology to grow your business. We finance your total solution, making managing the entire IT lifecycle easier.

How We Can Help

If you would like to find out how we can improve the efficiency of your IT payment solutions, please get in touch. Simply email info@uk.cdw.com, call +44 207 791 6000 or contact your nearest CDW office or contact your nearest CDW office.