With international hubs in key regions, CDW offers logistics solutions across the globe. We ship hardware and software to over 170 countries, managing the process from procurement through transportation and on to final delivery to customer sites.

Our dedicated team provides expertise in tax, compliance and international logistics, and is familiar with local business laws and regulations.


Sourcing from multiple vendors across multiple territories adds complexity to procurement, finance and IT. CDW's consolidated procurement ensures that your teams are focused on delivering value to your business, not managing multiple invoices.


When you're dependent on products, getting the right items is critical. Our highly accurate distribution system avoids the shipment of incorrect units or quantities.


Pre-delivery configuration via our specialist Configuration Centre means your team can be up and running almost immediately.

Comprehensive Supply Chain and Visibility

Combining our international distribution centres, offices on four continents and relationships with local suppliers worldwide, CDW can deliver almost any device or component to any international location.

  • Remove the burden of large, expensive stockpiles of components
  • If we don't already stock a product, we can source it on request
  • Package-tracking gives complete visibility of order progress and allows us to resolve delays before they can escalate into problems

Seamless Customs Compliance

CDW can help you reduce the risk, complexity and costs that come with international logistics by providing the expertise you need in trade compliance, logistics and tax.

  • We will help guide on import licences, permits and local-language submissions which can create barriers between HQ and satellite offices
  • We are fully customs compliant and hold open licences to allow quicker transits
  • We work with a number of partners to provide full DDP solutions to over 160 countries


Our supply chain management portal ServiceTrack offers simplified procurement processes and multi-account management for our global customers. With ServiceTrack, you can self-serve and order across multiple currencies and languages.

Support Services

Following any deployment, CDW can provide ongoing support via the CDW Multilingual Service Desk available 365 days a year.

How We Can Help

At CDW, we're focused on helping every customer get more value from their IT. If you would like to find out how we can improve the efficiency of your IT processes, please get in touch. Simply email info@uk.cdw.com, call +44 207 791 6000 or contact your nearest CDW office.