On-site configuration of new hardware and software can be time-consuming, preventing your IT team from focusing on adding value to the organisation. CDW's Configuration Centre ensures that equipment is pre-configured to your organisational needs, freeing up your IT department and significantly reducing project delivery timelines.

State of the art, industry leading 30k sq. ft Configuration Centre

1250+ Workstations
50+ Technicians
Flexible workforce

20+ services from asset labelling to data centre hosting

Streamlined Configuration

Any organisation wants to maximise the productivity and satisfaction of their workforce. But IT asset management and installation can delay users who just want to plug in and get to work. Our Configuration Centre helps ensure that new hardware and software supports, rather than hinders, your team. Pre-delivery configuration of your devices at our Configuration Centre enhances your business agility by ensuring equipment arriving at your sites is ready for users to start working with.

Equipment Delivered to the Highest Standard

CDW's team of consultant technicians can work with you to design, test and implement the right solutions for your organisation.

  • We operate a peer-review process through which any job completed within the Configuration Centre is quality checked by another technician from the team.
  • Our Configuration Centre allows you to run comprehensive testing programmes on critical data centre or infrastructure equipment prior to shipping.
  • If you have very specific operational requirements, our consultant technicians can help create a tailored build process, allowing us to configure to your precise needs.

Overview of Configuration Services

We're focused on saving your IT department time and money by building configuration into your supply chain processes.

  • Network and storage device upgrade and configuration
  • Laser etching
  • Remote connectivity
  • Rack building and pre-staging
  • Device imaging using hosted deployment solution (SCCM, MDT, Landesk)
  • Secure VPN hosting
  • Domain join options
  • Standalone device imaging
  • Server virtualisation & OS installation
  • EPOS configuration
  • Digital signage
  • Mobile device configuration
  • Bespoke labelling
  • Asset tagging, including tag creation
  • Touchscreen ordering devices
  • Consultant-led transition & ongoing support
How We Can Help

At CDW, we're focused on helping every customer get more value from their IT. If you would like to find out how we can improve the efficiency of your IT processes, please get in touch. Simply email info@uk.cdw.com, call +44 207 791 6000 or contact your nearest CDW office.