Improving patient experience and flow with Command Centres. 

The Health and Social Care systems must do everything they can to ensure excellent patient care and experiences. One way to deliver this is by deploying effective Healthcare IT solutions to create a sound, unified Command Centre, which can differentiate them from other organisations and raise the bar for quality, efficiency and experience for staff and patients. 


How Command Centres can combat ever-tightening budgets 

Hospitals, social care and community services need to deliver not only excellent care, but also an outstanding patient experience at every digital touchpoint. Command Centres can integrate Health and Social Care services. By streamlining transitions between hospital and home care, Command Centres improve patient outcomes and reduce re-admissions. This means that hospitals, social care providers and community services can act as an integrated entity, and then fulfil their mission to serve patients at every stage in their care journey. 

Command Centres are gaining prominence and aim to improve the quality and efficiency of Health and Social Care delivery by using artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time data.  

A Command Centre powered by AI monitors the status of an organisation’s bed state, and helps staff make optimal decisions on patient care. It uses advanced algorithms to anticipate and resolve bottlenecks, reduce length of stay, increase patient flow, and allocate resources effectively. The Command Centre is an example of how data, digital and technology can transform the NHS and Social Care and enhance patient outcomes. 

The challenges Command Centres may face 

Command Centres can increase service delivery and the patient experience, however, they can face several challenges, such as:  


  • How to ensure accurate and timely information on the location and status of patients, staff, and assets? 

  • How to optimise the use of resources, such as beds, equipment, and staff? 

  • How to communicate effectively with different stakeholders, such as clinicians, social care workers, allied health professionals, community services, managers, and patients? 

  • How to respond quickly and appropriately to emergencies, incidents, and alerts? 

Developing effective Command Centres

Health and Social Care technology providers can offer innovative ways to provide better patient experiences and outcomes. One way to build your foundation is to integrate artificial intelligence into your Command Centre. 

When you take the time and effort to standardise and integrate platforms, this will perform a great service for your patients and staff (IT staff included). By standardising platforms, you can eliminate unnecessary costs and provide a smoother patient experience and pathways of care through reduced complexity, real time data and improved care. Standardisation is important in an age of AI as collecting relevant data points along the journey, is what enables systems to provide personalised experiences.

Cloud Integration

Today, it is essential for a Command Centre to be integrated into the cloud. This will increase scalability and allow access to AI-assisted features. Another benefit for healthcare is the ability to be updated with the latest features. Due to the need for 24/7 operations in Health and Social Care, finding the time for upgrades is often hard. Having the Command Centre in the cloud eases this burden.  

Command Centre technology and innovation is a promising way to transform Health and Social Care delivery in the UK (United Kingdom) by using data, digital and tech to support staff and patients. However, it also requires careful evaluation of its safety, effectiveness, impact, and ethical implications. Therefore, it is important to conduct rigorous research and involve stakeholders in the design, implementation, and evaluation of Command Centre solutions to improve your business outcomes. 

Command Centres use a variety of technologies to improve patient care and hospital efficiency

These technologies can work together to provide a comprehensive, real-time view of the collaborative operations of a variety of departments and services, helping to improve patient care and operational efficiency. 

  • Health and Social Care Information Systems

    These collect, store, manage, and transmit a patient's electronic medical/care record.

  • Interoperability

    Allowing different information systems, devices, and applications to access, exchange, integrate, and co-operatively use data in a co-ordinated manner. 

  • Devices

    High-definition screens, computers, tablets, and mobile devices to support real time data on the go at the point of care. 

  • Analytics

    Advanced predictive analytics are used to monitor and target real-time data on incoming patients, discharges, transfers, bed availability, waiting times, referrals, and other logistics. 

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

    Used for automated identification and data capture (AIDC) systems. It can track equipment, staff, and even patients in real-time. For instance, RFID tags attached to medical equipment can reduce the time to find a tagged asset to less than 25 seconds, releasing hours of clinical time back to patient care.  

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)

    This system captures, stores, manipulates, analyses, manages, and presents all types of geographical data. 

  • Cloud Computing

    Provides on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power. 

  • Mobile Apps

    Used for seamless functioning of the Command Centre. 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Providing real-time and predictive information, empowering staff to take action to prevent or resolve bottlenecks, reduce patient wait time, coordinate services, and reduce risk. 

  • Business Intelligence Dashboards

    The visual display of the most important metrics. 

  • Order Management Software

    Managing and streamline order processing and communication.

  • Remote Monitoring Tech

    Allows for the remote monitoring of patients. 

  • Supply Chain Software

    Helps manage the flow of goods and services. 

Supporting Complex Healthcare IT Projects

We have experience in supplying and supporting complex IT projects for the NHS and Social Care customers, as well as other public and private sector customers. We can offer a range of services and technology solutions as outlined above to help customers design, deploy, and operate Command Centre technology and innovation; however, we also can support by modernising the Health and Social Care experience by: 

  • Empowering Staff: CDW enables staff to work efficiently by providing mobility solutions. 
  • Data Centre Architecture: Resilient infrastructure for continuity of care. 
  • Risk Management: Protecting patient data and securing systems. 
  • Cloud Adoption: Simplifying complexity with CDW's cloud services. 
  • Software Solutions: Driving best practice with leading software tools. 
  • Ecosystem Integration: Co-ordinating solutions across healthcare, regional government, and housing. 

We are a trusted partner for Command Centre technology and innovation, delivering end-to-end solutions that can transform healthcare delivery in the UK by using data, digital and tech to support staff and patients.  

Case Studies

Stockport NHS Foundation

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

CDW data protection helps Stockport NHS Foundation Trust overcome backup and disaster recovery concerns.
Mid Cheshire NHS Trust

Mid-Cheshire NHS Trust

CDW helps Mid-Cheshire NHS Trust improve patient care by replacing ageing IT infrastructure.


CDW supports healthcare provider with adoption of cutting-edge cloud communications technology.
Medigold Health

Medigold Health

Medigold Health passed fit for future transformation after CDW prescribe a fresh IT strategy.

How CDW helps develop effective Command Centre solutions 

CDW UK is a leading IT provider that can assist customers in implementing and managing Command Centre solutions for their healthcare organisations. We provide a platform for Health and Social Care organisations to improve patient care and well-being. 

Our key areas of focus include:

  • Foundations of Care

    Ensuring robust IT operations, security, and digital workspaces. 

  • Optimising Care

    Leveraging big data, analytics, and real-time insights. 

  • Future of Care

    Exploring automated documentation and ambient AI. 

Speak To The Healthcare IT Experts

CDW UK’s expertise and solutions are here to empower organisations, ensuring efficient operations, improved patient care, and streamlined healthcare experiences. Every moment matters, and CDW is committed to transforming healthcare through technology.  

Command Centres serve as vital hubs, promoting efficiency, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making. They bridge the gap between Health and Social Care, benefiting individuals and communities.  

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