The Snapdragon® X Series Revolution

Revolutionise your business for the work-from-anywhere world. Snapdragon Compute Platforms is leading the way with intelligent, powerful, and efficient processors that make the extraordinary the everyday. With these ultra-fast, flexible processors powering your devices, your team can stay connected to reach new heights. 

  • Built to unlock AI potential  
  • Game-changing performance and power efficiency  
  • Enhanced security and privacy  
  • Simplified PC management  

Explore How Snapdragon® X Series Can Power Your Workday 

Devices powered by Snapdragon X Series processors are designed to give your business extraordinary results. With blazing-fast, secure connection, Snapdragon seamlessly switches between 5G, 4G LTE, and WiFi 6, so your workers can achieve more on the go. 

  • Unlock more features with on-device AI 

    Snapdragon X Series  power a whole new class of devices able to deliver Copilot+ PC experiences and the latest generative Al tools-now and in the future. With a powerful Al engine and 45 TOPS NPU, your employees can stay focused, innovative, and in their flow with work enabled both on-device and in the cloud. 

  • Power to fuel your productivity 

    Perfect for working remotely, in the office, or on the go. Laptops powered by Snapdragon X Series handle complex, data-intensive workflows with a best-in-class 12-core Qualcomm® Oryon™ CPU, allowing your team to achieve more on a single charge. Copilot+ PCs powered by Snapdragon X Series processors are ultra responsive with revolutionary performance per watt, and multi-day battery life delivering peak PC performance at 68% less power. 

  • Turbo-charged apps for Copilot+ PCs 

    Hundreds of the most-used Windows apps are available on devices powered by Snapdragon X Series processors. With enterprise-grade app support, your team can tap into this breakthrough innovation today, ensuring your device delivers extraordinary performance. 

  • Enhanced security and privacy 

    PCs powered by the Snapdragon X Serie gives you an edge, with chip-level safeguards that defend against sophisticated threats and eliminate risks by keeping AI prompts and interactions on the device. 

Unleash Your Team's Potential 

The Snapdragon X Series brings next-gen AI PCs to life, with greater power efficiency, enterprise grade security, easier device management, and exceptionally fast processing. 

Explore the depths of Snapdragon today: 

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