The modern workplace is faster and more demanding than ever before, and people are struggling to keep up. Up to 64% of people say they don't have enough time or energy to get everything done. It's time to make a change.

CDW's 2-day AI Transformation workshop will show you how AI can revolutionise your business. Learn how to identify the key use cases for AI and get started on your journey to innovation. CDW will also show you how to use AI tools like M365 Copilot to save time and boost your team's creativity and productivity.

Workshop Deliverables

  • Co Pilot and AI Overview

  • Licensing Posture

  • Persona Mapping

  • Key Use Cases Document

  • Preparing for AI Plan

Workshop: Preparing for AI And Microsoft 365 Copilot

M365 Copilot is the future of business. It's already revolutionising content creation, employee productivity, data analysis, and decision-making. And it's only getting started.

Businesses that adopt generative AI early will gain a competitive advantage. They'll be able to save time and money, boost productivity, and make better decisions. And they'll be well-positioned for future growth and profitability.

This multi-day engagement that will walk you through CDW's three-stage M365 Copilot journey help you develop a plan and prepare your business for the future of AI.

  • Stage 1: Create a strong zero-trust foundation

    Protect your information and users with a zero-trust foundation that secures and manages identities, defends against threats on multiple platforms, and protects sensitive information across your estate.

  • Stage 2: Streamline endpoint management

    Deliver the best experience for Windows 11 while protecting and managing endpoints, driving improved IT efficiency and protecting end-user devices from malicious attacks.

  • Stage 3: Empower users to drive productivity and collaboration

    Provide users with the best-in-class applications, ensure that everyone is connected and working together, and prepare everyone to maximise the value of bringing AI into your business.

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