Recession-Proof Your Network

With the uncertain global economic outlook and inflationary pressures, businesses must reduce operational costs and do more with less. At the same time, staffing resources are constrained due to the ongoing ‘Great Resignation’ which has widened skills gaps and left IT teams overburdened and overwhelmed.

Despite the fears of a recession, we’ve seen IT priorities dramatically shift towards the adoption of cloud, AI and automation, and a unified infrastructure, in order to mitigate technical concerns; such as supporting hybrid work and improving IT efficiency.

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Why Should You Care?

For organisations who are working towards operational simplicity, agility, and assurance – and are faced with:

  • Inflationary pressures and flattened budgets
  • Management complexity compounded by IT resource constraints and widened skills gaps
  • Overall market uncertainty

With CDW and Aruba, you have the market-leading wireless, wired and WAN connectivity solutions.

These provide much-needed visibility, automation and security, combined with the most flexible acquisition and operation options, to match budget and resource constraints.

Together, we can provide a modern and up-to-date network, with NaaS transforming the network into a business-critical service with the right blend of solution, acquisition and deployment choice to meet new and emerging business objectives.

Reduce operational costs

54 %

54% of Aruba Customers have reduced network operating costs by at least 24%. 

Improve IT efficiency

50 %

Customers improve efficiency by 50% and save £1.4M in downtime over 3 years, and 38% of customers have reduced IT support tickets by half by using Central.

Faster mean time recovery

95 %

Provide faster mean time to recovery so you can focus on value-added tasks - pinpoint cause with 95% accuracy and resolve issues up to 90% faster.

Discover Proven Strategies To Secure And Modernise Your Network

Discover strategies and insights to safeguard your network and ensure it thrives in challenging times. We've distilled the key principles that can make all the difference: 

  • Build in security at the network edge to protect your organisation from threats.

  • Re-evaluate the flexibility of your architecture to adapt to changing conditions.

  • Choose a consumption model that aligns with your business outcomes and budgets.

  • Understand the current landscape and the challenges businesses face.

  • Introduce higher scale management capabilities to meet new connectivity requirements.

  • Leverage AI and automation to enhance IT efficiency and streamline operations.

Aruba & CDW Partnership

CDW has more than 30 years of experience working with HPE to design, implement and manage IT solutions for public sector, medium and enterprise-sized organisations. Together, our service and infrastructure can modernise, automate and transform your business. 

  • Highest HPE Accreditations
  • 70+ HPE Engineers & Architects
  • Full life-cycle services
  • Flexible Financing


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