This webinar will provide your public sector organisations with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the post-acquisition landscape effectively, helping you mitigate the impact on your licensing costs.  

Join Phillipa Winter, CDW Chief Technologist for Health & Social Care, Rob Sims, CDW Chief Technologist for Hybrid Platforms & VMware vExpert, and James Hankins, CDW Cloud Solutions Lead, to uncover the truth and its impact on your future. 

It’s important to note that each organisation’s situation will be unique, and the strategies discussed in the webinar should be considered in the context of each organisation’s specific needs and circumstances and how CDW can offer you support in getting to the right decision. 

  • Date & Time

    Friday 7th June, 2024

  • Place

    Teams Webinar


Welcome and Introduction 

Get acquainted with our speakers and the webinar objectives. 

Broadcom’s Impact on VMware 

Understand the implications of the recent acquisition.

Explore changes in licensing, packaging, and pricing. 

Strategies for Success 

Learn best practices for adapting to the new landscape.

Evaluate alternatives and make informed decisions. 

Q&A Session 

Engage with our experts and get your questions answered. 

Closing Remarks  

Phillipa Winters (2)

Phillipa Winter

Chief Technologist, Health & Social Care, CDW 

Rob Sims (1)

Rob Sims

Chief Technologist, Hybrid Platforms, CDW  


2 (1)

James Hankins

Cloud Solutions, CDW